How to distinguish real from fake perfume: 7 main points

According to some reports 2/3 of the spirits, which are sold in our stores fake. And they can be found in many famous perfumes networks, as distinguished from the original at times very difficult. Forge spirits a very profitable business. Arm information and then you will rejoice themselves to do this.

If you have already chosen your perfume before you buy should be reserved information about these spirits. Visit the manufacturer's website or read the reviews on the Internet, so you know exactly what kind of original perfume bottle, which must be logos, holograms, excavation and protective tapes, stamping, what should be written on the label.

And carefully check against all of these features with the perfume bottle, which is planning to buy. Not with the probe, namely the one that will be in your hands already near the cash register.

Cellophane packaging 1.

How to distinguish real from fake perfume: 7 main points

Cellophane, which is packed in the original perfume has an average density, and sometimes it is quite dense. Too thin talks about counterfeiting, because it is not properly way to encircle the box.

The seams on the rear side and are executed by heating and thereby have a neat and smooth appearance. If the seam is uneven or visible traces of glue, it is clearly not the original in front of you.

2. Carton packaging

How to distinguish real from fake perfume: 7 main points

itself cardboard perfume box should be tight inside the white, without gray shades, without labels, logo printed directly on cardboard. Reputable manufacturers use a special kind of cardboard for each product, so that even to the touch, you can determine a rough forgery.

The inscriptions on the original packaging are usually smaller than the fake. Lubricated and without "jumping" letters. This manufacturer always says "Made in France", and not just France. Note the name of the perfume. "Underground" version often contains extra characters. This is done in order to avoid responsibility for piracy. At the same time naive and inattentive buyer may not notice the error and make a purchase.

Before going to the store for perfume, the manufacturer of the official website. Look at what volume there are bottles of this fragrance. For example, if options are presented only for 50 ml, and in-store offer you 100 or more, you will obviously cheating.


If you bought abroad or spirits in duty free, do not throw away the packaging. On it you will then be able to determine the real perfume in Russian stores.

3. The appearance and quality of the bottle

How to distinguish real from fake perfume: 7 main points

Manufacturers specially made original and sophisticated design to deprive the fraudsters a chance to make an exact copy. The glass should be transparent and without scuffs. If it has a cloudy appearance, without the "fake" there has not been.

The serial number and bar code printed directly on the bottle, and the "element" of the label 100% fake. Because, to do everything by the rules is worth a lot of money, but the scammers just earn a low cost of manufacture.

As a rule, the inscription at the "unfair" copies are not clear, do not fully dyed, and the letters and did "dance". Even a slightly closer look, it's all very easy to notice.

Shipping in Russian spirits are certified and are in accordance with the requirements, must necessarily be a label in Russian with the address of the manufacturer, the expiration date, regulatory GOST and barcode


Bar codes of various countries: France - 30-37, UK - 50, Germany - 400-440, Spain - 84, Italy - 80-83, USA, Canada - 00-09.

4. Color spirits

How to distinguish real from fake perfume: 7 main points

In general, perfume ranges in color from pale yellow to dark yellow. The original is always different humble spirits coloring. When in your hands will be a bottle of bright red or green color, better put it in place.

These manufacturers will never paint perfume in flashy colors, everything should be in moderation.

5. The bottle cap

How to distinguish real from fake perfume: 7 main points

Usually, just the cover and "fail" experienced "kustarschiki", considering that this element does not become anyone to look at. And you will do it.

Fake cover has burrs, roughness, is lightweight, and the logo applied clearly and heavily eroded. The original design is patented and unique as the spirits themselves. So look carefully, expose the crime scene.

6. Orchard

How to distinguish real from fake perfume: 7 main points

As with everything else, in a spray bottle looks neat and expensive, and underneath the ring is not so easy scrolling.

At the same time, and check the work of an atomizer. The first 2-3 times "puff" of air can escape, the remaining from the factory, and after the perfume is sprayed easily and evenly.

7. Resistance

How to distinguish real from fake perfume: 7 main points

These perfumes have three notes. In the manufacture of fake this is not particularly pay attention to, copying only the base note, and depriving entire composition attractiveness.

Keep spirits from 6 to 10 hours, with another two weeks, you can feel quite intense flavor if they are sprayed onto clothing. Even after washing, high quality perfume fragrance does not disappear without a trace.

Of course, check for resistance perfume in the store is impossible, but too strong alcohol smell should alert you.

This is the main thing you should remember when you decide to treat yourself to an expensive and fragrant masterpiece. And in any case, do not buy a perfume with the hands or a simple corner store. In such places, except the fake it is unlikely you will find something real. Go straight to the brand store and spends his "expertise". If you still have doubts about the authenticity of the perfume, you can ask the certificate of quality in the store. By law, it must provide. When you get the coveted document in hand, check the print original. It should be "wet" rather than copied.


Real print is easy to distinguish from the copied, you need only look at it from an angle. Printed on the printer is not printing differs from the plane of the sheet, and the present bit thicker and is allocated on the sheet.

Just a few things that will allow you to distinguish real from fake perfume.

If the seller tells you that the contents of the vial is made and bottled under license - it's not true. French perfume can not be made in Poland and especially in China. Perfume brands do not issue any licenses for the production that continue to produce themselves.


Large well-known brands are very rarely available for purchase bottles of small size, which we called "probes". The handles Spray 8, 9, and 15 ml of this perfume is also not an exception - the brand Salvador Dali.


Determine the real French perfume can be and the inscriptions: often see "parfume", although in France do without the last "e" and write parfum.