Incredibly strange world championships

In the world there are a lot of championships, which are far from the sport or have him do nothing. Some were initiated for a charity raising money, while others - for the promotion of a single city, and the third - just for fun and merry pastime.

Regardless of the subject matter and purpose of each of these events, they are united by one thing - they are incredibly strange and bizarre! We offer to find out about them right now!

1. Championship throwing mobile phones (The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship)

Incredibly strange world championships

Finland is home to some truly bizarre championships, such as, for example, carrying wives. The country is also well known for its mobile phones, so it is natural that the Finns have come up with such a kind of competition now that smartphones made a "clamshell" obsolete.

Do you want to - believe it or - no, but a throwing of mobile phones in the country is a national sport: rivals meet each year to find out which of them can throw your phone on all.

Since 2000, the athletes gather in Savonlinna (Savonlinna), to take part in the championship. Opponents throw phones that they are given before the competition because their own devices they bring is not allowed. However, they are encouraged to "choose the phone that best fits the hand or the best looking," as stated on the official website of the championship.

2. World Championship sifflet (World Whistling Championship)

Incredibly strange world championships

Every year the most passionate whistlers from around the world gather in Louisburg (Louisburg), North Carolina, USA, to take part in the Championship of the world theatrics. Participants evaluated by resonance, modulation and stage performance during the interpretation of the most famous concertos and sonatas. In 1970, Allen De Hart (Allen De Hart), communications director with Luisburgskogo College public school founded the festival dedicated to traditional music and dance from the southern states. Three years later, Darryl Williams (Darrel Williams), a participant from Durham (Durham), North Carolina, asked for permission not to sing an original composition, and whiz it.

The judges were so impressed by its performance that the event has become a national convention whistleblowers (National Whistlers Convention). Over the past 40 years, talented whistlers from around the world come to Louisbourg to compete for the coveted title of the Championship of the world theatrics.

Perhaps most people this may seem silly, but for dozens of contestants who take part in the championship, this is a very serious matter. They spend a lot of time for classes whistling and stage performance, showing special concern for their "instruments." During kissing lips are soft, so some of the contestants have a policy of "no kissing" to lip were more stringent. Other participants directly before the performance drink small sips ice water, because ice constricts lip tissue, allowing air to flow more smoothly.

3. World Championship Hide and Seek (Hide-and-Seek World Championship)

Incredibly strange world championships


Hide and seek, perhaps, are not yet an Olympic sport (although in this respect to make some effort), but apparently popular enough that the World Cup was held for him.

What started as a one-time event, organized by the magazine "CTRL" in 2010, eventually grew into an annual event. This year, the 6th World Championship of hide and seek Nascodino World Championship ( "nascodino" - "hide and seek" in Italian) will be held September 3-4 in Con Son (Consonno). This town was once a bustling tourist attraction with a zoo, train inspection, and several buildings, but has since become a ghost town. Organizers of the event say this place is ideal for large competitions hide and seek.

Tournament rules are a bit more complicated than a child's game, in which we all once played, but there is a competition for adults (18 and older). Participants can register to compete in the 5-man team by paying the entrance fee of 125 euros for each team. Then the teams are divided into four groups, and one person in the group is hidden, until a "neutral search team" counts down 60 seconds.

In hiding the player has 10 minutes to come out of his hiding place and run to a soft mattress (inflatable, swimming), located in the middle of the field, with this must be done so that it is not found, or at least did not have time to catch until he did not run so far. If a player fails to reach the goal within the allotted time, then it is not awarded any points. The game lasts for two days, after which a winner is declared.

4. The World Cup smelling tobacco (World Snuff Championship)

Incredibly strange world championships

People actively sniffing powder, called differently, but almost never "champions". Only if we are not talking about the participants of the World Championship smelling like this!

For 18 years the most "athletic" nostrils on the planet compete in the art of getting your shredded tobacco into their nostrils. The purpose of this contest - to see which of the participants will be able to breathe in 5 grams of snuff his nostrils for one minute. Contest wins a person the teeth on its nose a lot of tobacco, than all the rest, and which is the cleanest workplace. In 2012, about 300 men and women from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United States gathered in Poytenhauzen (Peutenhausen) - "heart" of snuff Germany - to take part in the competition.

5. World Cup races in the baths (World Bathtubbing Championships)

Incredibly strange world championships

Racing in baths were first organized in Nanaimo (Nanaimo), British Columbia, Canada, and conducted using tubs of boats. The competition was designed with a single purpose - to reveal to the world the city of Nanaimo.

The first race began in 1967 with the "Grand International races in the baths from Nanaimo to Vancouver World Cup" ( "Nanaimo to Vancouver Great International World Championship Bathtub Race"). Then Mayor Frank Ney (Frank Ney) was one of the biggest fans and promoters of the race since its inception, and until his death in 1992, and an avid participant in it. He always dressed as a pirate, and toured the city and its surroundings.

Until the 1990s, the race was part of the annual Vancouver Sea Festival (Vancouver's annual Sea Festival). The riders raced from Nanaimo to Vancouver Kitsilano Beach (Kitsilano Beach). After termination of the Vancouver Maritime Festival in the mid-1990s, the race route has been changed: now it begins in Nanaimo harbor and ends in the Gulf of Deparcher (Departure Bay). The race is held every year on the last weekend of July.

Now the race held in the bathrooms and in other cities around the world, but an event in Nanaimo remains the most widely known.

6. The World Championship races on beds (Bed Racing World Championship)

Incredibly strange world championships

For the first time held in 1966, the race for beds (Bed Race) gave rise to a lot of similar actions in the United States, Germany and New Zealand, but the most well-known event is held every year in Knaresborough (Knaresborough), North Yokrshir, England. The event was attended by 90 teams of six runners and passengers, for a total of 630 people participating in the race. Dozens of local craftsmen and seamstresses begin to design beds and preparing costumes for the participants of the race. Hundreds of people march together with the teams playing in orchestras and performs as part of dance groups. And yet hundreds of people take to the streets as volunteers to maintain order during the competition.

7. Masturbafon (Masturbate-a-thon)

Incredibly strange world championships

Masturbafon - this event, whose participants masturbate, to raise money for charity, to raise public awareness and dispel the shame and taboos that exist in relation to this form of sexual activity.

Over the past few years the event gathered more than $ 25,000 for in the field of women's health and HIV prevention initiatives, educational and medical institutions, and also contributed to the controversy over safer forms of sex and safe alternative methods of sexual expression.

The event is held in the premises of the appropriately named "mastrubatorium". A man who takes part in the competition, must remain in the excited state, not ejaculating, as long as possible. (Sometimes, the event attracts more men than women, because of what some participants lose interest in him.) Awards are given to those who will collect more money, as well as multiple orgasms and duration.

In 2009, the Japanese Masanobu Sato (Masanobu Sato) broke his own record, masturbating at the event for a spectacular 58 minutes 9:00. His previous was 9 hours 33 minutes.

8. World Championship "air sex" (Air Sex World Championship)

Incredibly strange world championships

In the past few years in the world stormed a unique and unusual competition on air sex. Do you want to - believe it or - no, but there is even a World Championship, and some people take their performance extremely seriously. It is a competition for those who are not afraid to show their sexual skills to the public, and those who simply want to showcase their talents.

Rules are very simple: the participant has 2 minutes to make the air sex, and during this time it can show anything - from seduction to actual sexual intercourse. For some two minutes can seem like an eternity, while the other in such a short time do not have time to show their talents.

After the first round the judges select the best performances, which take place in the second round. Local winners get to the regional stage, and if they are really talented, you will eventually get to the World Cup, which is held annually in Austin, Texas, USA.

The event started in 2009 as a parody of the air guitar, and quickly became a phenomenon. Competition in air sex since performed throughout the United States.