"Tender May": the musical phenomenon of the boys from the orphanage

• "Tender May": the musical phenomenon of the boys from the orphanage

The era of restructuring and raising of the "Iron Curtain" was opened to the inhabitants of the Soviet Union, new horizons and led to the emergence of new musical trends and groups. Among them gained immense popularity group "Tender May". For 10 years her concerts visited every fifth inhabitant of the country, and the fans went crazy for the performers, falling asleep their letters and their own lives.

Date of formation of the group "Tender May" refers to December 6, 1986. Then, in the Orenburg boarding school number 2 leader of the musical circle, Sergey Kuznetsov, and 13-year-old Yura Shatunov prepared for the New Year's holiday musical program. A year later, the voice Shatunova was recorded at one of the local House of Culture, and then superimposed on the minus. Sergei Kuznetsov gave the tape in one of the local kiosk at the railway station. After a few weeks in the vast vast Soviet Union came a voice from anywhere Jura Shatunova.

The group has already gone beyond music concerts boarding school and began performing on the stages of local importance. Director of educational institutions in every way hinder the activities of "Tender May", believing that had fallen in popularity detrimental effect on the weak psyche of the young singer. And Sergei Kuznetsov was dismissed from the boarding.

It was at that time (summer 1988) in Orenburg appears Andrey Razin, who has worked at the Moscow recording studio "Record". He persuades Kuznetsova move to Moscow for further action, promising to carry the same Jura Shatunova. When Sergey Kuznetsov is in the capital, he discovers that Razin producing group, entitled "Tender May", whose members advocate a soundtrack with the voice of the Jura. Seeing inactivity Razin against Shatunova moving to Moscow, Kuznetsov own (without the permission of the boarding guide) September 9, 1988 brings the boy to the capital. To avoid scandal, Razin official translation Shatunova the Moscow boarding school.

It takes serious work on professional equipment. The studio overwrite album "White Rose", and there are endless touring. Group replenish other boys from boarding. In January 1989 the central channel in the program "Morning mail" clip show "White Rose", and gradually in relation to the group "Tender May" begins mass hysteria from the fans.

Andrei Razin as a child with the couple, Gorbachev.

In order to obtain the maximum revenue from the activities of the group, Andrei Razin literally "clone" it, and the Union travels several groups. Sergei Kuznetsov, who disagrees with this situation, leaving the "Tender May". When the presence of several groups with the same name is too explicit, Andrei Razin possible to get away from the water, ie. K. It considered relative Gorbachev. The fact that Razin was lucky enough to be photographed as a child with the couple, Gorbachev, then general secretary Andrew called himself a nephew.

When the audience came to see Yuri Shatunova, and on the scene completely different people, the guide explains this disease soloist, voice cracking, awkward age. I must say that from such a wide popularity, the boy is really a nervous attacks.

In 1990 and 1991, during the winter holidays in SC "Olympic" was held 17 concerts halls packed to capacity. The press wrote diametrically differing reviews. In some newspapers, "Tender May" called "standard of vulgarity", and in others - "a symbol of purity and nobility." Razin himself stimulated scandals group periodically running "duck", not to abate the interest of spectators to performers. But in the group brewing unhealthy situation, and not withstanding voltage, in 1992, "Tender May" leaves Yuri rods. The looming conflict between Razin and Shatunova that poured into mutual accusations on TV.

In 1996, the group merged again, working in support of the presidential campaign Gennady Zyuganov. After that Razin involved in politics, while the connecting rods moved to Germany. In 2002, in the wake of the popularity of disco, Shatunov makes several remakes of hits "Tender May" and acts on its behalf. October 1, 2009, rolling out the film "Tender May", the plot of which is based on the activities of the group of the late 1980s and early 1990s and the biography of Andrei Razin.