Shish you, not luggage

Travelers can get to pay for any items taken on a plane

Shish you, not luggage

The Monday, August 15, it became known about airlines (which is unclear) to the Ministry of Transport to restrict hand luggage in the cabin, and completely abandon the free baggage allowance. According to media reports, the initiative caused a decrease in profit carriers and machinations of passengers who, in order not to pay for the advantage, to bring the piece of luggage as hand luggage.

What happened?

First, low-cost airlines, "Victory", and then other Russian airlines appealed to the Ministry of Transport with a proposal to revise the free baggage allowance and hand baggage.

"Victory" asked to limit carry-on one thing. Other carriers, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" on the information, also spoke in favor of restrictions on hand luggage and offered to completely abandon the free baggage allowance.

What now?

Free baggage allowance regulated by the Air Code and the procedure approved Mintrasom Russian Federation in 1993. On board the majority of the aircraft, according to the law, the traveler is entitled to take a maximum of 10 kg in economy class and 30 - in business class.

The documents do not regulate where it is the passenger to carry their belongings. That is, the carrier, for example, may prohibit carry-on baggage (like the "Victory") and get the passengers to hand over all the luggage, or, conversely, to give free to take things to the load compartment, limiting travel only hand luggage (today such tariffs has many Russian carriers).

How much is the extra baggage now?

Shish you, not luggage

Free baggage allowance for Russian airlines are different. Here are details about the restrictions imposed by major carriers.

"Aeroflot" permits in the economy class up to 23 kilograms of luggage, plus 10 kilograms of hand luggage. In some areas (for example, in Delhi, Beijing, Istanbul) free transport twice. For overweight take 2, 5 thousand rubles per each item of baggage on domestic flights and 50 dollars or euros - international.

Moreover, unlike other Russian carriers, the "Aeroflot" no bezbagazhnyh tariffs.

The cheapest fare the S7 - "Cheap base" - provides a free hand baggage (up to 10 kilograms). For each piece of baggage (up to 23 kg) will have to pay 2, 5 thousand rubles for Russian flights and a minimum of € 35 for international. However, as Euromag clarifies rates rose a few days ago. Previously paid extra two thousand rubles, or 25 euros respectively.

In UTair conditions generally similar to S7. Bezbagazhny tariff is called "Light" and implies a passage of 10 kilograms of hand luggage. The "savings" are allowed to take up to 23 kilograms of luggage. Surcharge - two thousand rubles, or 25 euros, although flights from Central Asia and the Far East, as well as the amount of transfer traffic increases.

Similarly, in the Ural Airlines: excess baggage at the rate of "Promo" and 23 kilograms in the "economy". At the same time in Dubai for some reason allowed to take 15 kg of luggage, but on flights to Belgrade - 32. Extra charge for excess baggage - two thousand rubles for domestic flights, 25 euros on flights to the CIS and Georgia, and 50 euros - at other international flights. The only Russian loukosterov "Victory" accepts up to 10 kg free baggage, but you can not take things in the cabin, in addition to 18 items from the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), that all the airlines are required to be transported free of charge.

Extra charge for carry-on luggage - a minimum of one thousand rubles, or 25 euros for luggage - 1, 5 thousand rubles, or 45 euros.

The list of FAP include: women's handbags, briefcases, folders for papers, umbrella, walking stick, a bouquet of flowers, outerwear, prints, baby food, phone, camera, video camera, laptop, holdall and cradle. Weight and dimensions of things not specified. For example, can it be considered a sports bag female if it carries a girl, it is not clear.

What baggage regulations from foreign carriers?

Shish you, not luggage

In general, the rules are similar for most carriers. Airlines are taking at least 20 kilograms of luggage, and allowed to take into the cabin to 10 kilograms of hand luggage, at the low-cost airlines baggage fee, and there are restrictions on carry-on baggage (six kilograms).

In business class - 30 kg of luggage and two pieces of hand baggage (10 kg).

On transatlantic flights, and in general all long-haul flights Airlines often increase the free baggage.

That is, when it comes to foreign airlines, is active with the passengers luggage "fight" only loukostery, trying as much as possible to save on a loader, and other terrestrial services, to facilitate the weight of the aircraft for the sake of fuel economy and capitalize on passengers with things.

What happens if baggage allowance still change

Shish you, not luggage

"We respect our passengers," - says a spokesperson for the airline "Yakutia" Svetlana Sivtseva and explains that even if the aeronautical authorities of the abolition of the requirement regarding the free baggage allowance, the company will not change its standards.

Now "Yakutia" allows you to take on board 20 kilograms of luggage, and five kilograms of hand luggage. In addition, according to Sivtseva, passengers may also be carried in the cabin of up to five kilograms of purchases of duty free shops.

"" Yakutia "has nothing to do with the initiative to change the baggage rules. Requests and letters on this subject from us went nowhere, "- said the representative of the carrier.

According to general director turservisa "Kupibilet. ru "Dmitry Sviridov, a decrease of free baggage allowance negative impact primarily on those who buy tickets at bezbagazhnym rates vpihivaya all their belongings in the 10 kg hand luggage. Now, those passengers will have to pay or move on tariffs with luggage.

The expert believes that those who fly on business, the changes will not notice.

According to other experts, the aviation industry, from complete rejection of bezbagazhnyh tariff benefit is it that those who fly all the things without - for them the cost of tickets, may be reduced.

Refusal of luggage profitable by carriers. So companies can reduce the cost of staff involved in the transportation and loading of things of passengers and the aircraft due to the weight reduction will spend less fuel.

About the benefits of the abolition of free baggage allowance for passengers officials say loukostera "Victory". According to the press-secretary of the carrier Elena Selivanova, today is not less than 40 percent of customers airlines fly without any luggage and do not enjoy even the free baggage allowance of 10 kilograms. In this case, the airline baggage handling costs are allocated completely to all passengers. The "Victory" emphasize that in his address to the Ministry of Transport of the airline did not insist on the complete abolition of the free hand luggage, but only offers to replace the list of FAP of 18 subjects in the norm according to which passengers will be free to take on board up to five kilograms of any carry-on baggage.

"Our appeal to the Ministry of Transport does not imply the abolition of free baggage allowance of 10 kilograms, which is transported in the luggage compartment. Although in fact it is high time to abolish "- said Selivanov.

According to experts, the abolition of the mandatory baggage will allow Russian companies to raise competitiveness. "But all this is optional: the classic airline will carry the baggage of the previous rules, if they see fit. Airlines will be able to set their own rules, "- says Selivanov.

The airline Nordavia declined to comment. quickly get comments from S7 failed and Utair.

How much will the baggage allowance in the case of FAP regulations change

Shish you, not luggage

According to experts of the major airlines in any case will not rush to change the current rules. Perhaps carriers, have not done so, to impose tariffs bezbagazhnye guaranteed a free hand luggage.

Surcharge is also likely to continue at the same level - from a thousand to three for each of baggage.

However, it is unclear how it will be governed by the baggage of certain groups of citizens. For example, what if the baby or a wheelchair does not match the size or weight of the limits set? Introduce new lists of items, given the socially vulnerable groups of citizens, or to entrust the regulation of this sphere of air carriers? The question remains open.

What about the charter?

Shish you, not luggage

Now on charter flights of Russian airlines are usually about the same limitations as in the regular - and 10 kilograms of hand luggage and one piece of luggage up to 23 kilograms per person. Often, the most popular destinations on the carrier is authorized to take up two seats to 23 kilograms in the cargo bay. If air travel rules change, the charter flights are unlikely to impose any restrictions and surcharges for passengers.

According to experts of the tourism industry charter carriers often go towards passengers in the case of overweight, allowing to take excess baggage on board free of charge. The same practice is likely to continue in the future, because the airline seats on a plane tour operators pay in advance, and the carrier does not matter how many things would take one or another client on board.

Timur Yusupov