Unusual diode garland with their hands

• Unusual diode garland own hands

Since childhood, I dreamed of a garland. Even in the box is a five twists wires with lights, but not the same. And I began to study the Chinese and our craftsmen, who on that much. Ready to buy is not our method. I want "edakovA"!

Unusual diode garland with their hands

So good tryndet, we go to order a red Chinese website. I took everything from one vendor and came quickly and in a single package, namely:

Smart diodes WS2812B - 300sht.

A stick controller

Power supply 5V 20A, but need a powerful b. n. is calculated is simple, but I did not come here to philosophize.

And the connector. I bought 1pc. We had to order a couple.

Before something to solder, I measure all the window openings on the balcony, calculated that I will die 21h14, t. E. 294 diode

We begin to solder diodiki

Unusual diode garland with their hands

a long chore, each diode 6 seats for soldering, power "+ -" and the signal wire.

The wire used for normal audio 2h0.5 clear that sliced ​​through 8, 5 cm. Wear out. Okay wife helped cut and cleaned. Stripper Crimper spolzovat Cross a little blue, there's Neum know china yellow, but with it Large Live fuss.

At the direction of the diodes have soldering t. E. The alarm. It is necessary to strictly comply. There are all indicated by the arrows, you can not go wrong.

It takes time and can be obtained here such snot on 14 diodes:

Unusual diode garland with their hands

There is the smallest part. The rest somewhere lying around. With a soldering iron I certainly proschelkal moment he sovdepovsky I had to sharpen the sting. I'm booked with temperature control, all so trendy and a little blue.

So we have 21 nozzle with 14 diodes each. Wires connecting them the desired length (width + frame subject to the opening) and turns the road is long festoon. And sticking it on the glass. I ordered a sucker, but they have not arrived yet, so that masking tape to help. It turns out this mess

Unusual diode garland with their hands

The snow that is not yet, but soon will be New Year's mood.

Then it is necessary to connect the power supply and controller.

The first launch showed nepropayki place. Not the light of the diodes. But it's all correctable and treated on the spot. Without flash garland boring. And we need to decorate the balcony.

To do this, swing LedEdit program in 2014 (which is 2014, I spent hours figuring out the reasons why did not start. In the program, create a new project, specify how to operate the chip, it is necessary to specify the color ws2811 GBR is important!

Next, OK, go to avtoparametry matrix and specify the size of 21h14 and serve with a side of the signal it comes, present both looking to the front of the matrix.

The program is simple as Paint. Here's the video effects, here is the text pasted.

In fact it is a normal telly, but with horseradish resolution.

Effects there is not a lot, but there's a little secret, in other versions of this program, there are other effects, and they can be inserted to itself. You can use the screen capture and screen shots. A general manual for use will not write, all fully in the internet. I will not weary. Lay out two videos balcony with street side. The second video wife begged him not to repeat)))