Soviet car "Pioneer"

• The Soviet car "Pioneer"

Soviet car

Pioneer, which was ready to overtake all.

When it comes to superhighways race cars, the latter country, which recalls - is the Soviet Union. In fact, the Soviet Union had a car, which has set several world speed records. We are talking about a car ahead of his time "pioneer."

Soviet car

The very first model of the car.

The Soviet Union did different cars, among which were the experimental champions. This is the car at the time was the "pioneer" 2M. The car was built under the direction of designer IA Tikhomirov in Moscow in 1961 and is remembered now only by the fact that he was able to overcome the speed barrier of 300 km / h. Although the 50-ies in the Land of the Soviets rapidly gaining popularity ring races, the interest in linear arrivals are still not faded.

Soviet car

The second model was the really progressive.

Cars for linear races were created from scratch as opposed to all the other racing cars, the basis of which often took the serial model ZIS or "Victory". Needless to say that this approach is open to engineers unprecedented creative space? Designers put a lot of experiments, which could result in the machine, which is still 5 years prior to this, all would be called science fiction.

Soviet car

It looks unusual.

Pioneer 1 was the first gas turbine car USSR. Machine used engine with gas tubes. Also, the machine had two turbines, which are located on the sides of the structure. The total capacity of 100 horsepower at 50 thousands of revolutions per minute. Car weighed 485 kg. running speed is 303 km / h.

Soviet car

Cool Soviet car.

Some time later, a car came and Pioneer 2. The machine has been substantially enhanced. Total power turbines has increased up to 135 liters. s at 50 thousand revolutions. The car's weight was 495 kg. Speed ​​was 306 km / h, a new record in the whole group of similar cars. Subsequently, the car has received yet another modification - 2M. Power and speed increased even more. 2M accelerated to 311 km / h. From 1961 to 1972, on the "Pioneer" 13 All-Union and world speed records have been delivered.