The most valuable coin of the USSR

Soviet coins are sold for huge money. The most inexpensive, but a rare coin in nominal value of 20 cents is estimated at 50 000 rubles. Exclusive fifty dollars '29 sold at auction for 10 million rubles.

Modern numismatists all the time "chasing" rare coins. They do not ask about the price, they just buy the most expensive coin of the USSR and of other times. For them the main thing - to complement its collection.

The most valuable coin of the USSR

10th place. 20 cents 1941 release. Price - 50,000 - 100,000 rubles.

The most valuable coin of the USSR

The coin with face value of 20 cents in 1941 is known for the fact that it has 4 types. One option was basic and nothing unremarkable. The other three had their own peculiarities. Now that kind of money can be sold for 50 000-100 000 for 1 penny.

9th place. 10 cents in 1946. Price - 100,000 rubles.

The most valuable coin of the USSR

At that time, 10 cents were minted in large quantities. It was erroneous, and with a special chisel - not all of them are of special value. But after ten years, the value has increased tremendously.

The maximum degree of rarity "P5" says that the money was minted by mistake the workers and has not been made to special attention. In turn, she enrolled as a regular. But over time, people realized that it is something wrong. Number of tapes does not coincide with the usual penny.

At the present time, this value can be purchased for 100 thousand rubles, but if it is very well preserved, can raise the price.

8 place. 10, 15, 20 cents in 1931. Price - 150,000 rubles.

The most valuable coin of the USSR

In 1925, looking for a replacement for silver coinage. Experimented in detail denominated 10, 15 and 20. Tried plurality alloys. Only in 1930 we came to the conclusion that instead of silver, can be used nickel silver.

Also, along with the material and we decided to change the pattern. As a basis took campaign motifs depicted on the posters. This figure has been on silver rubles in 1924 and fifty dollars in 1927 Reverse is decorated Hammers.

Now the old coins - rare, although there are not a lot has been made. For old-fashioned penny made of silver, collectors are willing to pay about 150 000 rubles.

7th place. Golden ducat 1923. Price - 150,000 rubles.

The most valuable coin of the USSR

Chervonets struck in Petrograd Mint from 1923 to 1924. for the external economy of the Soviet Union. Despite the circulation of 2.75 million copies, has not been used in domestic circulation, and to the present day came in small quantities.

A larger number of old ducats were melted back into bullion and perechekaneno in new money with different dates set by hindsight. All this is done because the old tsarist gold have more confidence in the market than the new socialist.

Collectors "chase" for the old-style chervonets. For him they are ready to pay 150 thousand rubles.

6 place. 5 cents in 1961. Price - 200,000 rubles.

The most valuable coin of the USSR

to 5 cents coinage in 1961 used three stamp the front side (2.1; 2.2; №3) and two back (A, B). Different facial stamp number stalks between the second and the third lower-right turns of the tape. Also used for the stamp 50 cents, but such samples came small. The difference was in the distance between the letters C and P in the abbreviation USSR. It is considered the most rare coin that has a combination of 2.2-B. They are so small, that are ready to buy it for 200 000 rubles.

5 th place. 1 penny 1957. Price - 600,000 rubles.

The most valuable coin of the USSR

nickels were produced from 1926 until the collapse of the USSR. A small coin had a weight of one gram and has a diameter of one and a half centimeters. The thickness is barely reaches one millimeter.

Chasing with the date 1957 and the nominal value of 1 kopeck began in late 1956. Penny with manufactured before 1959, circulation reached more than 100 million pieces. Most desirable change of the aluminum bronze is different from others in that it has 16 turns of tape instead of 15. Its rating rarity "P5".

In 2010 it was offered for sale to the original price of 150 000 rubles. Get valuable specimen like many. At the end of the bidding price expensive Soviet penny was 600 000 rubles. The subsequent fate is unknown expensive coins.

4th place. 15 cents in 1947. Price - 1,000,000 rubles.

The most valuable coin of the USSR

The fate of 15 cents in 1947 the sample is very sad. It was minted as a trial version, but the turnover has not got - have destroyed the whole party. The cause is unknown so far. How many were minted, too, it remains a mystery. All they know about the coin, is its weight - 2, 7 grams, and diameter - 20 mm.

It remained a small number of samples, and they are on demonstration stands, so they can not buy. But there were people who were able to find the original. Sell ​​exclusive they are not in a hurry, but still estimated such a valuable thing about 1 million rubles. Are craftsmen who counterfeited coin and posing for the real, sell at a low price.

3 rd place. Coins for vending machines in 1958. Price - 40,000 - 3,500,000 rubles.

The most valuable coin of the USSR

In 1958, it was decided to make a special money for the vending machines. This was done to increase the budget of the country. Through the use of machines, it is possible to refuse from sellers and save on the payroll. Large denomination coins were issued, since they are using the money to be spent only for small purchases.

For the manufacture of new large money wanted to use a new material with the expectation that the machine will not accept the old Soviet coins. But, realizing all the inconveniences of the simultaneous existence of two kinds of money with a different course, the USSR Ministry of Finance rejected the idea of ​​manufacturing the new money.

After the reform in 1961, the old trifle again become suitable for trading, part was given to the provincial banks. Money is for the machines, made in 1958, were not sent to be recycled. But, despite the ban on their use, many coins were stolen.

No one needs money in those days has now become very rare. For a well-preserved sample may pay up to 3, 5 million rubles.

2 nd place. Copper ducat 1925. Price - 5,000,000 rubles.

The most valuable coin of the USSR

Chervonets was released in 1925 with the emblem of the Soviet Union. New coins were made of copper instead of gold as the old. For other qualities gold coins were identical. 2018 Copper ducat 1925 - a rarity. They are so rare, that in 2008 at an auction one of the copies was sold for 5 million rubles.

1 place. 50 cents in 1929. Price - 10,000,000 rubles.

The most valuable coin of the USSR

In 1930, begin to mint new copper coins in denominations of 10, 15 and 20 cents. Options for large denomination was decided to stop producing. But after a long time in the archive of the Leningrad Mint find documents about the existence of the equipment for the production of fifty dollars in 1929 However, the records were questioned as long as one of the auctions has not appeared that same coin.

On the obverse depicts a farmer driving a tractor, and in the background - one-story houses and country road.

Fifty dollars was made of copper-nickel alloy as the test sample. Information about the existence of more such instances in the world is no longer what makes this instance truly unique. In 2011, the auction "sign" coin was sold for 10 million rubles.