Ex-boyfriend celebrities who did not behave like a man

Parting - it's always hard. But ready to argue, star character of our collection of thank fate for the fact that she spread them with the once beloved boyfriend. After all meanness to which these men have decided, opened their true nature.

The groom Kylie Minogue proved gigolo

Ex-boyfriend celebrities who did not behave like a man

In the beginning of February the singer Minogue learned of affair of her fiance, 29-year-old actor Joshua Sasse, with a colleague on the series "no tomorrow". As it turned out, Joshua had a love affair with the 34 year old Spaniard Marta Milans on set. But after the news of the cancellation of the engagement became known even more unpleasant facts about the apostate.

As it turns out, Joshua at the outset was focused on how to seduce the singer. According to Joshua colleagues on the series "Galavant" actor Vinnie Jones, the special stop in the same hotel with her. "Sass used pikapera skills and tried to seduce the singer cheeky humor", - he says.

We also learned that Kylie often sponsored by her lover. "She gave him everything and was happy. Kylie even came to the rescue when Joshua started to go bald - paid 10 thousand dollars for his hair transplant, "- says a close friend of Peter Ford.

All Minogue family is actually very glad that it did not come to the wedding

Two former boyfriend of Paris Hilton is "poured" her intimate photos and videos

Ex-boyfriend celebrities who did not behave like a man

there was a record stormy night 18-year-old Paris and her boyfriend, 31-year-old Rick Salomon in Las Vegas hotel in 2003 on the Internet. It is obvious that this scandal would like to cash in Rick: Hollywood producer famous novels with Pamela Anderson and Shannen Doherty, Paris and even tried to sue for what she accused him of sexual harassment. Without waiting for an apology from the Hilton, the producer released a video Night in Paris (a play on words - "Night in Paris" or "Night in Paris"). Hilton still managed to sue the ex-boyfriend, but a few years later she is confident that the promised 400 thousand dollars she had not received. It is noteworthy that the video work of stars has been appreciated by the three prizes in the adult industry AVN Awards Award. Paris did not have time to deal with Rick as her head fell off a new sex scandal. In 2005, nude photos with Hilton shared her other ex, actor Tom Sizemore. With these pictures socialite was nothing she could not help it, but her family was shocked by what is happening and give up her inheritance, she recalled her numerous escapades.

No wonder that after these stories skandalistka renounced nude photo shoots and refused even Hugh Hefner, offer the girl a million for filming in Playboy.

Anne Hathaway was involved in a criminal scandal

Ex-boyfriend celebrities who did not behave like a man

The couple were together for four years, and in 2007, Hollywood was waiting for news of her engagement, but instead came more news: Raffaello Foleri was accused of embezzling $ 50 million donated to the Foundation for the Catholic Church, whose co-founder is itself Anne Hathaway. Ann immediately severed relations, but to wash away the history was not so simple: the actress personal diaries were published and attached to the prosecution case. Grief-fiance went to prison for four and a half years, and when released, immediately rushed to publish a joint photo with Anne from the personal archive. Having recovered from the betrayal of the groom-swindler, in 2012 the actress married jewelry designer Adam Shulman.

The former Shakira extorted from her 250 million

Ex-boyfriend celebrities who did not behave like a man

A nine-year romance with Shakira, Antonio de la Rua, son of former Argentine president, was so quiet that no interest even in the paparazzi. Their parting and was surprisingly quiet: in early 2011, they announced that they diverge, and six months later they were peaceful and terminated its business relationship (the man was the manager of the singer). That changed in 2012, when Antonio waited for the pregnancy of Shakira on football player Gerard Pique, and handed it to the court. According to the claims of Antonio, the singer has not paid him a large sum, it is believed, for his active work on the image of the star, because for the sake of his beloved, he left the practice of law. Ex-boyfriend demanded $ 252 million! Swung de la Rua and real estate star: he hoped to get a house or apartment in Uruguay in New York. In response to the greed Antonio Shakira filed for his counter-claim, stating that her ex well enough to fulfill its obligation to conduct business.

In 2013, the dispute was resolved in favor of Shakira: for all contracts the money was paid, and oral agreements, which appealed Antonio, on paper no one saw. And that means that compensation is not required to celebrity.

Former Ksenia Borodina revealed details of the relationship press

Ex-boyfriend celebrities who did not behave like a man

Now Ksenia Borodina happily married with Kurban Omarov, which gave birth to their second daughter. However, before you gain family happiness, Borodin had to endure a difficult parting with former policeman Mikhail Terehin. When a pair of severed ties, Mikhail constantly giving interviews in which telling the intimate details of their lives with Ksenia. Former member of the "House-2" accused Borodin that it prevented the development of his career and did not want to share with them to make money. Terekhin also admitted that almost endured joint trip with his daughter Xenia Marusia. Later Borodin explained that decided on the separation because she could not bear the heavy nature of Michael. According to her, it was too demanding and often limited her freedom. In addition, Terekhin was so fascinated by their appearance that it was starting to scare Borodin.