Incredible skills that celebrities have mastered preparing for the role

Incredible skills that celebrities have mastered preparing for the role

to get used to the image of the actor often go to any victim - sit on a grueling diets, fattening, or to spend almost all his time to the study of specific skills. We have collected for you the ten most incredible abilities who had to learn the celebrities in the pursuit of credible game.

Olivia Munn - possession of the sword

For his role as the mutant Psylocke in the movie "X-Men: Apocalypse", the actress had to really master the sword. To do this, Mann spent 6 hours each day. However, the result did not wait - soon on one of trainings the actress showed off their skills in instagrame and must admit that it looks pretty impressive.

Channing Tatum - Step

If you've seen the movie "Step Up" and "Magic Mike", you probably know how good Channing Tatum in the dance. However, what he does not know, so it's tap to dance. Or rather I did not know how to shoot in the film "Long live Caesar!" From the Coen brothers. "I spent about three months to prepare for this role," - says the actor - "it was the most grueling preparation for the stage, lasting only 6 minutes."

Natalie Portman - ballet

The role of the ballerina Portman earned the deserved Oscar, but that the actress had a lot of sweat. 6 months prior to filming the actress began to spend 5 hours in a ballet studio every day. And all this for the sake of art, the result of which we later enjoyed on the screen. "If I knew how far off was a good result, I would never have agreed to this role. Perhaps my self-confidence, this time played on my hand "- said Portman.

Robert Downey Jr. - playing the violin

The talent Downey Jr. nobody doubts, but do you know that he has decided to really learn to play the violin for the reincarnation of Charlie Chaplin. In his meticulousness, he went so far as to training the game of tennis for one of the scenes with your left hand, because he was left-handed Chaplin. His efforts paid off, and the actor was nominated for an Oscar, but lost to the statuette for playing Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - tightrope walking

In the movie "Walk" the actor plays real tightrope walker Philippe Petit, who walked a tightrope between the twin towers in New York. In order to recreate on screen the event he helped Joseph Petit, giving him professional advice.

Jennifer Lawrence - cutting firewood and osvezhevanie proteins

It is the role of the provincial poor girl in the film "Winter's Bone," Lawrence gave her first Oscar nomination. To earn it, the actress had to learn how to chop wood, and even strip off the skin with this protein. Perhaps this helped get her the role of Katniss Everdeen, Lawrence due to which later would be known worldwide.

Incredible skills that celebrities have mastered preparing for the role

Jesse Eisenberg - card tricks

For the films "The illusion of deception" of the professional magician, actor Jesse Eisenberg have not weak to work hard to learn how to play at least one card trick. "My" magic "skills are now much better than before the start of filming in these films, but they are still not good enough, so I can show some kind of trick to the public. You see, the hero, I'm playing, practicing this all my life, so that really was a good result to start preparing about 20 years ago, "I need to. - the actor admits. And he's right, the trick of the film, which he tried to play on one of the talk shows, he has to put it mildly, failed.

Adrien Brody - piano game

For transformation in Polish pianist Wladek Szpilman Adrien Brody decided to work on a method. The theory proposed by Stanislavski, involves complete immersion in the role of your character. One can guess that Adrienne does not just have thoroughly studied the game on a musical instrument, he also took over the life of his hero - a Pole of Jewish origin, who was forced to live in the Warsaw Ghetto. The actor did not take flight, but he left the apartment, sold the car, I hung up and went with two bags and a small synthesizer in Europe. His diet consisted of 6 weeks in a row of only two boiled eggs and green tea for breakfast. The result - dropped 14 kilograms and the Oscar for Best Actor.

Daniel Day-Lewis - hunting and survival skills

Day-Lewis - one of the most talented actors working on a method. Not surprisingly, for the painting "The Last of the Mohicans," where he plays a hunter of the tribe of Indians, who went to the forest for 8-9 months and literally threw himself at the mercy of the wild. Day-Lewis had to learn to survive in difficult conditions, to hunt and find their own food. Impressive, do not say anything.

Margot Robbie - hold their breath for 5 minutes

At the site "Suicide Squad" Margot Robbie has proved that it is not just Hollywood beauty, but also very dedicated to his craft actress. For the scene where her character Harley Quinn gets into an accident, together with the Joker, she has learned to hold their breath for 5 minutes. As many as 5, Carl! "This scene required me to stay under water for just a minute, but during my training, I went more and increase the time more. It reminds me of meditation under the water, but when I reached a point 5 minutes, decided that enough is enough "with me. And rightly so, Margot, you're not Tom Cruise.