Stars of the 90's, who had returned to its former popularity

Passes worldly glory, and sometimes we have difficulty remembering the names of superstars 90th. But the heroes of our list not only managed to return to show business, but also to regain popularity.

Sergey Druzhko

TV presenter, 49 years old

Stars of the 90's, who had returned to its former popularity

In the early 2000s Sergei knew all those who believe in the paranormal and alien. From 2005 to 2008 he led the transfer of "inexplicable but true" on TNT. Over time, the ratings of the show began to fall, and the project was closed. Next project Druzhko "fantastic stories" on REN-TV is also not caused great interest among the audience. After that Sergei was gone from screens. But in 2016 again reminded about it thanks to Kobe and memes with phrases presenter. "I am doing this, of course, I will not," "It would seem, live so rejoice. Not likely, "" Too much was Wonderland, "" strong statement "," This is certainly not true, "- these phrases began to talk almost the entire Runet. And it was running "friend Show" one year on YouTube, in which Sergey with his usual seriousness discussed the news and the Internet trends. In addition, in the spring launched a leading online documentary series about himself.

Dmitry Malikov

The musician, 48 years old

Stars of the 90's, who had returned to its former popularity

In the past about Malikova remembered only his female fans of the 90's. Now the list among the fans of the musician and those who were born in the same year with the release of the album "Distant Star mine." And all because the singer haypanul and started an account on Twitter. The first wave of the popularity of the network covered Malikova in 2015, when he appealed to the subscribers with the reference: "How are you all? Falls hard for? Or something? "Now on the page signed by more than 870 thousand people. Due comic tweets and infinite self-irony Dmitry has quickly become the new idol of youth. Even more popular Malikov brought together clip blogger Yuri Khovanskii "Ask your mother." At present, the video seen by more than 27 million people.

Yuri Loza

The musician, 64 years old

Stars of the 90's, who had returned to its former popularity

Yuri Loza music was enormously popular in the '80s, but the artist does not forget about yourself today. The last couple of years, Yuri actively comment on almost all the main events in Russia and abroad. Thoughts singer shares or Facebook, or journalists.

Vine interested in everything - from politics to Romanian Olga Buzov. "I Zemfira far, and I'm even more distant and Buckwheat and Monetochka. I'm not going to listen to buckwheat. I actually ate it all my life. And Zemfira - it's not rock, it bytovuha. Name Buckwheat says that a person is not very good taste. Well, you can not take pseudonyms with the food theme. Well you can not be Vasya Eggplant! People have always taken pseudonyms that will sound, rattle! Here are good options: Madonna, Jasmine. Monetochka, judging by the name - this is the thieves music, chanson. Prison this here, Monetochki all, and so on ", - so the musician spoke about Zemfira conflict with the young singer Monetochkoy and buckwheat.

However, Yuri E. says this sudden popularity has not returned the interest of the audience to his work: "Well, I have written a new song, well, I put it on your page. Well, I listen to her my subscribers, so what? And what of those who listened to this song, only one in ten of its census - even the rest of the lazy poke "to share the" "button.


The musician, 39 years old

Stars of the 90's, who had returned to its former popularity

Once Vitas glorified his cosmic falsetto. But by 2010 the singer completely stopped appearing on television and give concerts in Russia. And the last few years attracted the attention of Vitas overweight and occasional scandals. But this summer the singer made again to talk about himself - he released a video with the American rap group Nappy Roots, which appeared in the form of unusual creatures. In the autumn of Vitas dramatically changed the image, was the guest of the show "Evening Urgant" and released a new music video.


The singer, 44 years old

Stars of the 90's, who had returned to its former popularity

In 1998, singer Natalie released her debut album "The wind from the sea." The title song "Wind blowing from the sea" became an instant hit, making Natalie star. After that, the singer continued to publish albums, but no one did not cause so much interest. Then there was silence. In 2012, Natalie suddenly burst into the charts with the song "Oh my God, what a man," and returned to its former glory. Back in show business in 2013, Natalie sang duet "Nicholas" with Nikolai Baskov, and later recorded the song "You're so" with the artist Black Star Doni.