The talented sisters who remained in the shadow of his famous relatives

It is surprising that even in the days when the only favorable fate of women was considered a successful marriage, there were women who were able to leave their mark on history. Before you - the sister of famous historical figures who may have been more talented than his brother-geniuses.

Jacqueline Pascal (1625 - 1661)

The talented sisters who remained in the shadow of his famous relatives

The younger sister one of the founders of mathematical analysis and projective geometry Blaise Pascal differed incredible talent poetry. In 6 years, the girl began to learn to read with the help of poetry - it is easily memorized poems, retold them by heart, and she tried to speak in rhyme. At 11 years old girl wrote a five-act comedy, and in 13 years (!) - a sonnet about the pregnancy of Queen Anne of Austria.

Then she met the queen, having made a strong impression on the court and her majesty, conquered them with his wit and poetic improvisation. Jacqueline then often the case at the court. She took the top prize in a poetry contest and, thanks to his connections, even managed to stop the disgrace of his father Etienne Pascal.

Jacqueline was indifferent to the fans and did not show any interest in marriage, although religion calmly. While her brother, the same mathematician Blaise, did not get sick, and Jacqueline was forced to accompany him to Paris, becoming his nurse and secretary.

Later Jacqueline Pascal decided to leave the monastery and leave the poetry. Unfortunately, Jacqueline Pascal died very early, at 36 years old.

Caroline Herschel (1750 - 1848)

The talented sisters who remained in the shadow of his famous relatives

Caroline Lucretia Herschel - sister of the famous astronomer William Herschel - was born in the family of a military musician Isaac, bringing up six children. As a child, Caroline much hurt, and this is reflected in its growth, it was very small. In this regard, her father convinced Caroline that she would never get married because of this defect. Although Carolina really could not find a husband, perhaps, in her case, it was probably an advantage. Carolina everywhere accompanied by his brother, who made a living from music lessons. Carolina has outstanding voice and often sang to the accompaniment of his brother.

But William was one amusing hobby that with the move to his sister pushed him to further experiments. William loved astronomy. Carolina, moved to his brother, not only ran the household, but also to grind the mirror to his telescope, and at age 32 he became a full-fledged student and assistant. With the help of his brother Carolina mastered mathematics and very soon transformed from a quiet chambermaid scientist.

The talented sisters who remained in the shadow of his famous relatives

William gave his sister a telescope, and the first results of her studies was the discovery of three nebulae, and later - a new comet. First comet detected woman. King George III, On which works by William officially appointed Carolina pension as an assistant astronomer royal.

She did a great job, and continued studies already after William got married, and therefore less time spent in the observatory. During his life, Carolina was a pointer and a list of errors to the star catalog, was a new star catalog, opened seven more comets and a few new nebulae.

Carolina died in Hanover, January 9, 1848, at the age of 97 years. In her honor, called the asteroid and one of the craters on the moon.

Nannerl Mozart (1751 - 1829)

The talented sisters who remained in the shadow of his famous relatives

The eldest sister of the famous composer is sometimes referred to simply as "another Mozart", though Nannerl - not her real name, but only a nice homemade nickname. In fact, her name was Maria Anna Mozart, and there was a contemporary, who would have heard her music and indifferent.

Playing the harpsichord Nannerl began studying at age 7. Together with his father and younger brother, she traveled all over Europe: sister and brother were both wunderkinder - "wonderful children" whose talent exceeded any expectations. At 11 years old Nannerl perform complex sonatas and concertos, shone on the best stages of the European capitals, and even the first received money for his talent.

The talented sisters who remained in the shadow of his famous relatives

But what amazed at the little girl to an adult woman could be a serious blow to the reputation. So, Nannerl nearly 18 years, the concerts had to be stopped. Wolfgang wrote that no one played his music as skillfully as his sister. It is known even to a case where Nannerl sent his brother and father after personally written work that both musicians appreciated very highly. Her brother wanted her to writing music, but his father did not encourage this hobby, although he admitted that his daughter is incredibly talented. Whether she was writing music? Until we have not reached any of her works ... But there is speculation that some of her works have survived, not signed by the author.

Fanny Mendelssohn (1805 - 1847)

The talented sisters who remained in the shadow of his famous relatives

Even those who are not familiar with the world of music, as if they know at least one of the famous song by Felix Mendelssohn. But almost nobody knows that Mendelssohn's sister - no less talented than himself.

In 1805, the family of the Hamburg banker Abraham Mendelssohn had a daughter who was named Fanny Zippori, and four years later was born the son of Felix. The family was wealthy and could afford the best teachers: brother and sister took music lessons from Berlin's famous teacher Zelter. Pianist wrote Goethe enthusiastically speaking about his talented pupil: "... and eldest daughter of Mendelssohn play you anything from your favorite Bach. This girl - something special ... "But my father was convinced that music is not a profession for a decent woman. He wrote to his fifteen-year daughter: "For Felix music may become a profession. For you it can and should remain a decoration. "

The talented sisters who remained in the shadow of his famous relatives

Fortunately Fanny was married to a very remarkable man, court painter Wilhelm Hensel, who in all supported his wife, although he was one of those who, as they say, "bear's ear come."

Despite the fact that the relationship of brother and sister were always very gentle, he was against Felix to Fanny publish their works, called it "too female" for this. But her work still saw the light, though ... by the name of Felix Mendelssohn! Taking at Buckingham Palace, "a new Mozart's" Queen Victoria appreciated the talent of Felix, and even his most favorite Napela his tune. Embarrassed, Felix admitted that he has composed her his sister.

Fanny Mendelssohn died at the scene of his home theater, when performed oratorio of his brother, "The First Walpurgis Night".