Best dogs for introverts

Introverts renewable energy in a calm and relaxed environment derive it in self-employment, and inner contemplation. Then it would be reasonable to assume that the ideal dog for a quiet homebody should be independent, gentle and affectionate.

Best dogs for introverts

People involved in breeding dogs nearly 9,000 years, but only 200 years, we do not just breed them and selektsioniruem by certain characteristics and behavior.

For example, for an introvert perfectly fit the following breeds of dogs:

Great Dane - a big bummer

Best dogs for introverts

Great Dane

Known for their huge size, dogs - are actually quite docile dog. They do not require a huge amount of exercise and love to lie on carpets, sofas and chairs in the house.

Despite its impressive size, it is mostly gentle and loving dog who occasionally naughty.

The Irish Greyhound - natured giant

Best dogs for introverts

The Irish greyhound

Irish greyhound, wolfhound - another huge dog that was bred for hunting. Usually it is calm, affectionate and friendly. Unlike his fellow - Great Dane, Irish greyhound needs daily vigorous short walks and a place where she could run to be happy and healthy. Irish Greyhound is perfect for an introvert who likes to take long walks in the fresh air.

Newfoundlands are trying hard to earn your favor

Best dogs for introverts


Another representative of the dogs giant, known for his quiet and patient disposition. Newfoundland - an excellent dog breed for those who appreciate the family peace.

These large peace-loving dog excellent nanny for the kids, they were willing to perform any work. When you draw them for a walk, it is recommended that you gave them something to pull or carry.

Shiba Inu - great dogs for people who love cats

Best dogs for introverts

Shiba Inu

Very loyal dog that is tied to one or two people.

These small dog, cat characterized by independent, very intelligent and, like their owners, introverts like to be alone with him for a while. They are very attached to their owners, but are wary of strangers and to all sorts of changes.

Attractive Samoyeds will not let you turn inward

Best dogs for introverts


best suited for those introverts who want to be a little extroverted, Samoyed huskies. This amazing dog looks like a giant fluffy cloud and has a pleasant personality. These intelligent dogs were bred for herding reindeer, but they also feel great next to his master.

If you want to become more sociable, during a walk to Sammy, you are sure to attract attention to themselves, will get the opportunity to find friends.

Border collies are smart and trainable

Best dogs for introverts

Border Collie

Introverts are willing to invest money in their hobby. In this sense, the acquisition of a border collie - a perfect attachment of which you will not regret.

Border Collie - this is one of the most intelligent dogs, and so you need to pay much attention to herself and her upbringing. These herding dogs were bred by selection because of their agility and intelligence. This is the best choice for an introvert, who is looking for an energetic dog, he will be able to train.