The best movies about dinosaurs according to paleontologist

Paleontologist Steve Brusatt made a rating of the best paintings of dinosaurs in terms of plausibility and entertainment. Surprisingly, the list includes not only movies, but also cartoons.

The best movies about dinosaurs according to paleontologist

The best films about dinosaurs Brusatt called "Jurassic Park", filmed in 1993, directed by Steven Spielberg.

"I was 9 years old when my father took me with his brothers in cinema in this film. It was something magical. Dinosaurs roamed the big screen as before, no one has ever seen. They were in front of us as if alive. "

"Jurassic Park" will probably always be my favorite. The dinosaurs look like living, and not just as cinematic monsters. "

In second place was "Jurassic World".

"Although a paleontologist in me cringes when I see an inaccurate picture of the dinosaurs on the screen, I appreciate this film for entertainment."

Third place went to the film "Walking with Dinosaurs" in 2013, the creation of which the scientist himself had a hand.

"I can vouch for the accuracy of the image of dinosaurs in the film: I was one of the scientists who worked with producers and were responsible for the fact that dinosaurs were the right size, shape, move and behave correctly. For me this is the most realistic view of dinosaurs that have ever appeared on the screens. "

In fourth place - the animated film "The Land Before Time".

"This is probably the most emotional film about dinosaurs, that I have ever seen. Tears flow when Littlfut with other small dinosaurs looking for an idyllic Great Valley. Of course, the dinosaurs to the extent humanised that even talking. But it's a great story, childhood classic for many paleontologists my generation. "

Fifth place went to "King Kong" in 1933.

"" King Kong "was one of the first films, which showed the dinosaurs. Now the special effects in the film seem to be primitive, but if you were a film director in 1933, this film is to show you fascinating. "

In sixth place was the cartoon "Fantasia," the Disney studio. One of the pictures of the episodes, which will serve as a backdrop to the "Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky, talks about the evolution of life on Earth.

"When I first saw the" Fantasy ", then I found it boring. Now, I appreciate it as a great story about the history, which I spent studying his career. "

Seventh line rating took the 2000 film "Dinosaur".

"The meteorite destroys the paradise island and surviving the dinosaurs (and, for some strange reason, lemurs) go in search of a place to nest, where they will be safe. Dinosaurs are becoming humanized version of reptiles, their ability to speak breaks the illusion of realism. However, the quality of animation is superb and grandiose landscapes - it's just a visual treat. "

Eighth in the cartoon "The Good Dinosaur." Brusatt praised the "great images" in the picture.

"Pixar's came into the game with dinosaurs from the animated film" The Good Dinosaur, "science fiction that would happen if a huge asteroid fell and survived the dinosaurs."

Ninth place took the film "One Million Years BC".

"In this movie, there is nothing scientific, but it is impossible to break away. Dinosaurs and humans live together. Brontosaurus and giant spiders in the action scenes. And the dinosaurs in the stop-motion technique is really good. "

"Jurassic Park 3" paleontologist named a complete disappointment and put it in last place.

"The last film that I do not like" Jurassic Park 3 ". He almost killed the franchise. "