Cotton buds in the home

Cotton swab is simply not designed for cleaning ears. Moreover, just for the ears, it can be far unsound. Got into the ear swab to remove the excess earwax, a person violates the natural self-cleansing mechanism, shifts the earwax deeper and may even accidentally punctured eardrum wand that will lead to deafness. However, this does not mean that a cotton swab is not the place in your home. There are lots of intelligent and secure ways to use them in everyday life.

Cotton buds in the home

1. Caring for jewelry

Ear tips quite soft and delicate process the valuable ornaments and make them look brand new. Put your jewel in the cleaning solution for a time, gently you rub with your fingers and use the ear stick for cleaning multiple recesses and plexus decorations. Rinse with clean water and let dry before you put it back in the box with jewelry - or to put on your finger again.

2. Create a polka dot

If you want to create a polka dot on a circle on a greeting card or on the bedroom wall, start by selecting paint color. Then, using the ear sticks instead of brushes, you can create a pattern of tiny, identical tochechek on any surface.

3. Caring for electronic instruments and devices

The grooves between the keys on the keyboard of your computer, slit on the sides of your phone, and other hard surfaces that you touch every day, easily cleaned with cotton swabs. Just soak the ends of sticks with alcohol and wipe the soiled surface.

4. Light a candle

If the spark plug is located in a recess or the wick has become short, it is difficult to ignite. Ear stick is long and if its end dipped in alcohol, it will burn for a long time, so it can be used to light a candle.

5. tint peeling space

Do not spoil the brush to draw, if the normal ear stick perfectly paint over the place with peeling paint on the walls or on your furniture.

6. Remove the in-car

Removing debris and trash from the car, you can use cotton swabs and cleaner for cleaning the seats in the cabin, which often receive little attention, for example, cup holder, the seams on the steering wheel and a crack on the seats.

7. Remove the scuff of shoes with

Few scratches can be enough to spoil the view of yet not old shoes. But most scratches you can overwrite, even if they are on the varnished shoes. Just moisten the end of the ear sticks in nail polish remover and gently rub the affected area. Then sprinkle the treated area child talc or Vaseline grease to protect the material itself.

8. tinted hair

If suddenly after hair coloring you will find unpainted strand, do not worry. You can fix it with a cotton swab and hair dyes. Apply ink to the cotton tip, neat grease undyed strand, wait 10 minutes and rinse water paint.

9. the jammed zipper - no longer a problem

If the zipper on your favorite clothes devoured, and you can not move it with a cotton swab lubricate the problem area with Vaseline, soap, olive oil, t. E. By any means which will reduce friction, and gently pull the zipper down. The jammed fabric released from the buckle.

10. What to put in the road beautician

Every woman at home a lot of cosmetic products for personal care. And if a woman have somewhere to go, how to fit all this cosmetics in a travel bag? There is an exit! Rather than take a whole range of shades, apply shadows, which you usually use on sticks, put them in a bag with a zip and use during the trip. Simply remove the stick, slide the tip of the eyelids and discard when finished to apply makeup. This trick also works with lip gloss and perfume.