Unique ways of brewing coffee from around the world

Many people can not imagine his morning without coffee. Every day around the world, mankind will drink more than one billion cups of coffee. In many countries, it has its own culture consumption of the drink with special recipes and a variety of cooking methods, unique sets of spices and varieties of coffee beans.

Here you will find the 7 types of coffee that will give you an idea of ​​the variety of preparation methods and the use of this invigorating drink in different countries around the world. We go to coffee travel from Vietnam to Italy.

Unique ways of brewing coffee from around the world Unique ways of brewing coffee from around the world

Türk kahvesi, Turkey

Turkish coffee is boiled in a copper or brass Turku of fine grinding coffee beans fed unfiltered and poured with guschey in particular porcelain cup, which is called Turkey kahve finjani. Sugar in Turk added just before the boiling of the beverage, which gives it a characteristic sweetness. Sometimes for extra flavor in Turkish coffee put cardamom.

Coffee in Turkey - more than just a drink, it is an important element of cultural interaction: coffee is often served as a gesture of hospitality from the guest host.

Unique ways of brewing coffee from around the world

Café Touba, Senegal

Tuba coffee is brewed in a conventional coffee maker, but seasoned with black pepper and Guinean ground cloves. It is believed that this drink invented Sufi sheikh and the founder of the Islamic Order Murid - Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke in the 1880s. Since coffee Tuba is one of the symbols of brotherhood and drink it in ceremonies and celebrations of the Order. Initially, this was considered a medicinal drink, but now the sweet and spicy coffee drink everywhere in Senegal, just to cheer up. Trays with coffee Tuba can be seen in Dakar on every corner, and now this unique drink appeared in other West African countries.

Unique ways of brewing coffee from around the world

Cà Phê Trứng, Vietnam

Vietnamese egg coffee tastes more like a dessert like a custard. To prepare this drink egg yolks whipped with condensed milk and sugar until creamy, then pour this foam freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee. Egg coffee is served hot or cold, and do not drink and eat with a spoon.

Now this coffee can taste in all cafes in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, although the discoverers claim is the laurels Cafe Giang, which employees claim that they invented this unusual drink. To make it fit any mixture of strong black coffee, although it is best to use Robusta beans, they passed through a filter for Vietnamese stainless steel coffee.

Unique ways of brewing coffee from around the world

Cafe de Olla, Mexico

Its distinctive flavor sweet black coffee in Mexican gets through cloves, anise and cinnamon. To prepare this drink, you need to take spice, ground coffee, cane brown sugar piloncillo (pictured) and bring the mixture to a boil in a special clay pots ollas, and then strain through a sieve. Some add to the drink chocolate or replace piloncillo ordinary brown sugar, but unmistakable aroma of Mexican coffee is always recognizable as and clay cups in which it is served. Now Cafe de Olla is cooked in every Mexican home, he became popular during the Mexican Revolution, when the leader of the revolutionaries Emiliano Zapata and ordinary soldiers preferred to cheer up by a sweet cup of coffee.

Unique ways of brewing coffee from around the world

Kaffeost, Finland

Add milk to coffee - a common practice around the world. Most prefer milk or cream, but in some parts of Scandinavia in the coffee put cheese. Kaffeost, or "coffee cheese", first appeared in Finland, but now this unusual drink and drink in northern Sweden, near the Finnish border.

Rather hard, a light cream cheese with a sweet flavor and consistency are added to the hot coffee, brewed from grains fine grinding. Coffee cheese is usually sold in large blocks, and its remains can be frozen or decorate the top with fresh berries and serve with this truly exceptional drink.

Unique ways of brewing coffee from around the world

Kopi Luwak, Indonesia

Kopi Luwak tops the list of the most expensive coffees in the world market: the price of a pound of this product is a few hundred dollars. This beverage brewed from the coffee beans, which have passed through the digestive tract and were partially digested civet, Asian palm civet. Luwak coffee is brewed using a French press, drip coffee maker or espresso machine. It can be enjoyed in different parts of Indonesia from Sumatra to Bali, and since its inception it has always been an expensive commodity. In recent years, mass production of mines lyuvak criticized environmentalists, because to meet the global demand for unusual coffee beans, some manufacturers hold wild civet in cages, often in appalling conditions.

Unique ways of brewing coffee from around the world

Espresso, Italy

Virtually impossible to enjoy a coffee in the modern coffee shop, without using the Italian language. Most of the coffee drinks names come from Italy, and they are often recipes are based precisely on the espresso. Espresso machine passed pressurized water heated to 89-96 degrees, after fine grinding coffee beans, resulting in a highly barista gets frothy coffee with the topsheet.

List of drinks based on espresso is quite long and includes many well-known macchiato (an espresso with steamed milk), Mocha (espresso with chocolate) and doppio (a double dose of espresso). The main thing is not to order "a delicious espresso."