Rules of Life by Paul Allen

• Rules of Life by Paul Allen

Rules of Life by Paul Allen

What to speak of friendship with Bill Gates, the brain unit and entrepreneurial spirit co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen, who died of cancer on October 15

First cancer in Paul Allen found in 1982, due to the state of health, he was forced to resign from the Microsoft, retaining a seat on the board of directors and of the shares. In 2009, he was again faced with cancer - he recorded nihodzhinkskuyu lymphoma, relapse occurred in the autumn of 2018. Allen is actively involved in charity, in particular, he singled out in the study of the human brain more than $ 2 billion. His wealth totaled $ 20, 3 billion according to Forbes.

On the computer

Computer - a very correct and uniform structure. He has a memory and a small detail, which is engaged in a combination of memory and storage elements. It's very simple.

Learn programming can any man. I learned in high school. We are Bill Gates and our friends were engaged in programming in a few years we have learned everything there is to know about computers. In my youth, very few outside the major universities and large corporations have seen a real computer. Me and it was hard to imagine that I ever would get to it.

About the passion for work

Left to themselves, Bill and I (approx. Ed .: Gates) pored over the programs until a stomach cramp with hunger.

We dreamed to venture any commercial project, confident that sooner or later, will write a worthwhile software - we were able to. Harvard pizzeria we dreamed of entrepreneurial future.

We have Bill there is a certain style of work. I generate ideas, letting the will of fantasy. Bill listened and argued with me and then took my best ideas to implement them. Our cooperation, of course, not without tensions, but usually bear fruit.

Fatigue does not matter the age of seventeen, when interested in something.

We both were naturally "owls" - performance peaked at ten or eleven in the evening and stayed at for a long time ... We could work out for two days in a row, and then the collapse of hours to eighteen - twenty. If I tried to learn everything that came in sight, Bill totally focused on one thing.

The technology most things fail, most companies go bankrupt.

On the mysteries of the brain

Even quite a bit absorbed in neurology, you begin to understand that everything is interconnected. That is, the brain tries to use all that is possible - sight, hearing, the experience of the past. All this brain uses to calculate that animal (either mouse or human) should do next.

Understand the structure of the brain is like a medieval blacksmith attempt to disassemble the jet.

On the principles of

Each lesion contains the seeds of future success - if willing to learn a lesson.

I'm an optimist. I want to meet someone. I still want to have a family.

I'll be quite happy if I am remembered as a man who enjoyed working in a team of like-minded on the creation of new technologies, as a man who was trying to create useful things for society.