Teen idols, who have problems with alcohol

• Idols teenagers who have problems with alcohol

Hard to believe, but these favorites of teenagers could teach their young fans bad!

Selena Gomez

The singer, 26 years old

Teen idols, who have problems with alcohol

A few years ago, the singer was diagnosed with lupus - an autoimmune disease is incurable. The disease is triggered Selena depression and panic attacks, because of what the artist occasionally sent for rehabilitation. Rumor has it that Selena clinic and treated for alcohol dependence. The last few months have not received treatment Gomez and insiders reported that she came out of depression and stopped drinking. However, after the news of the wedding of Justin Bieber, Selena with whom met for many years, the singer has failed.

Justin Bieber

The singer, 24 years old

Teen idols, who have problems with alcohol

It seems that the former boyfriend of Selena and learn bad habits. Bieber "flew off the rails" on the eve of his 18th birthday. In 2014, the singer was arrested in Miami for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Bieber could not produce his license and resisting arrest. A few months before this distinguished musician on tour in Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro man visited a brothel and took out a pair of girls for a party at the villa. Even before Justin drunk with friends snuck into the kitchen of a restaurant in New York, where pee in the trash. In between drunken adventures Bieber got into a fight and so took his antics Americans that US citizens have created a petition to the government with a request to deport the actor in his native Canada. The White House on this, of course, did not react, but Justin sobered by the fact of such an action. Since then, Justin tries to avoid scandals.

Ed Sheeran

The singer, 27 years old

Teen idols, who have problems with alcohol

Alcohol almost ruined career as a musician - in the truest sense. Last year, Sheeran fell off his bicycle and broke both arms, but instead went to the trauma center to the bar and started drinking alcohol pain. The next day, Ed languished - a hangover and the pain in his hands. If he hesitated with gypsum another day, then on the guitar would have to forget. Sheeran made a tough decision - to give up beer. At all. And what do you think? The musician not only ceased to mutilate themselves, but also lost 25 kilos!

Daniel Radcliffe

The actor, 29 years old

Teen idols, who have problems with alcohol

Analgesics - part of the life of the British actor. Tablets save him from headaches caused by increased intracranial pressure. However, before turning to the doctors, the young actor drowned the pain in alcohol, which caused his severe alcohol dependence in adolescence. During the filming of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" actor often got up at podshofe frame what he later admitted. As a result, the disease also motivate the actor to leave a drink - the doctors explained to Daniel that alcohol only aggravates the situation.