Monica Bellucci 54

• Monica Bellucci 54

September 30 its 54 anniversary celebrated the sexiest woman on the planet, the iconic actress of world cinema and, without a doubt, the present property Italy - actress Monica Bellucci. As a child (this is almost impossible to believe) Monica was an ugly duckling, but, already in adolescence parents understand the future stars - they are not just a daughter, but the daughter who will conquer the whole world.

And so it happened - Today Monica rightly bears the title of sex symbol of the XX and XXI century.

Monica Bellucci 54

the eve of his 54th anniversary of Monica Bellucci met in Milan - Fashion Week. According to the press, which does not release the actress of lenses for four decades now Bellucci is at the film festival Dinard Film Festival. On the red carpet actress as ever shone - see for yourself on her image and this stunning translucent outfit.

Monica Bellucci 54 Monica Bellucci 54

"To be beautiful in 20 years - it's natural. But when you are beautiful in the 35 and 45 - it is a vital position, "- shared Bellucci in an interview edition of Paris Match.

It is in this interview some of the most candid shots of her in the nude were published. And this, we emphasize a woman who for 50!

Monica Bellucci 54 Monica Bellucci 54 Monica Bellucci 54 Monica Bellucci 54 Monica Bellucci 54

Generally, in a provocative photo (or rather, in their number), Monica Bellucci, perhaps, no equal. Yes, many actresses happen candid (and at times causing) a photo shoot, but when it comes to pictures Bellucci is decided ... some kind of magic. Vulgarity gives way to humility and frank corruption, it seems all losing ground - no matter how candid shots were with Monica, they are always great. They - always art.

Monica Bellucci 54 Monica Bellucci 54 Monica Bellucci 54 Monica Bellucci 54

Now let's add to your photos stunning Monica is also its least remarkable words. Quotes Bellucci fly on winged phrase is not the first decade. Here are some of the fastest, truthful, accurate and loved: the upbringing of children, of food and of course, about men.

"I do not know if you can call that a perfect balance, which I reached. I did not shoot all the time. That's why I did not hasten the birth of a child as long as were not ready for it. I'm trying to organize their time according to their needs, because I know that they need me. I do not want to put the work in the first place, because the children for me is much more important. "

Monica Bellucci 54

"What does it mean to be beautiful? This is not related to biology .. femininity - a reflection of your life and experience. "

Monica Bellucci 54

"We have to Vincent very different worlds. I have my friends, he has his own, I have my own passions, his own. We just sometimes go out of their environment and meet for hanging. I thought this model ideal relationship. But in almost every marriage comes a tipping point, when there are two ways of development, or to get a divorce or stay married. Unfortunately, we went on the first easier way. "

Monica Bellucci 54

"I know that I can not flour, bread and pasta can not. But what to do ... I can not stand prohibitions. "

Monica Bellucci 54

This photo, writes ok.magazine, was made on the very fashion week, which we wrote about in the beginning. Many critics call Monica stunning outfit, but the actress herself alone in a hurry not to name - in their opinion, it is, unfortunately, do not have such beauty as it was before.

We can only guess whether fallen or so light years really spare no one - not even the sexiest women in the world. But we know exactly what to say on this subject itself Monica (and on one occasion she had said this). "Not for anything in the world would not want to I was twenty again. Now I'm much happier than it was then. "