Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

While conservatives argue that modern society has become too loose in their morals compared with the pious ancestors, some of the sexual practices of the ancient look too extravagant today. In this review, we describe the shocking sexual traditions of ancient civilizations.

Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

Wife rent Arabs

Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

Wife for rent as a way to improve the social status

The ancient pre-Islamic Arabs had the strange custom - "wife rent". This custom existed not only for political and economic benefits, it was kind of an early form of eugenics. A similar exercise was practiced mostly by families of low rank, who would like to see their children and grandchildren are more noble. Female rent gave men holding high position in society, but they were allowed to have sexual relations with another man's wife. Children born to such a conception, children were considered the spouse, not the biological father, but the social status of the family increased. Hand over his wife rent was fairly simple - the husband sent a woman into a man's house, which she liked. There she remained until until pregnant.

Romance sodomy ancient Greeks

Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

The theme of sodomy on artifacts from the temple of Hermes and Aphrodite Kato Syme (V century BC. E.)

When the schools in the usual variant of modern man in ancient Greece did not exist and the main method of education for young people has been tutoring in society flourished sodomy. For the ancient Cretans, it was of even romantic character.

When loving Cretans noticed a young man who he liked, he first had to notify friends of the boy that he intends to take him as a lover. It is possible to elect a formal offer or hide if he did not want to enter into a relationship, or reverently prepare for its symbolic kidnapping.

Saving chi vitality Taoists

Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

Saving qi force - the main thing for the Taoists

Taoism is the cornerstone of the life force qi that permeates all things. Taoist philosophy generally divides into two components qi - yin and yang (positive and negative energy). By maintaining a balance between these two forces can supposedly achieve the perfect spiritual harmony and physical well-being.

When it comes to the human body, qi takes the form of jing (essence that gives us life), and Taoists believe that Ching loss can lead to illness and even death. Most ching, Taoists believe is contained in the male seed. The adherents of Taoism believed that a man should not spend too much sperm. In connection with this ancient Chinese men were advised not to ejaculate during sex.

Fellatio - charitable activity for the ancient Egyptians,

Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

Illustration from the Book of the Dead and oil burner with erotic motifs

The first mention of fellatio dates back to the ancient Egyptian myth of the resurrection of Osiris. The story goes that Osiris was killed by his brother Seth, who cut it into pieces and scattered them throughout the world. Isis, the sister-wife of Osiris, went around the world to collect all parts of a loved one and bring it back to life. But, unfortunately, she could not find the penis of Osiris. Therefore, Isis fashioned male organ of clay and through it breathed life into Osiris.

It is this myth fellatio was not considered by the ancient Egyptians as something immoral. It is worth noting that the Egyptians used red lipstick to promote its expertise in the provision of oral pleasure.

And the Romans, unlike the Egyptians, were categorically against oral sex. Among the Romans it was common belief that those who make blowjob halitosis. The man known as fellator, never invited to visit. However, for oral pleasure Romans successfully used slaves.

Masturbation Pharaoh on the Nile

Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

The statues on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor

The ancient Egyptians believed in the myth of the creation of the universe God Atum (or Ra). It said that the original world was a dark chaos, from which it was formed egg. From this egg emerged the god Atum. Apparently, the first thing that made Atum at birth - to masturbate. From his seed born gods who helped him create the universe, and rule over it.

Because the ancient Egyptians believed that the king was the representative of the god Ra in the land, he had to carry out some obligatory rituals, one of which was an annual ritual reenactment of creation Atum universe. During the holiday Pharaoh with his subjects I had to go to the bank of the Nile, to undress and perform an act of masturbation. Special emphasis is paid to the fact that Pharaoh sperm got into the river, and not on the ground. Then such acts are committed, and the rest came to the ceremony. The Egyptians believed that in this way they feed off the life-giving power of the river, which will provide them with a good harvest next year.

Toys for adults in the ancient world

Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

Dildos from exposure the National Archaeological Museum of Naples

Archaeologists claim that adult toys enjoyed great popularity among the ancients. Age of the oldest stone dildo estimated to be 26,000 years old. And the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and all enjoyed a vibrator from a hollow gourd filled with live bees.

The ancient Greeks and Romans not only used the dildo, but they tried in every way to upgrade. On wooden and stone sex toys they pulled leather cases. According to written sources which have reached that time, Greek women staged a sex strike during the Peloponnesian War, due to the fact that stopped imports of high-quality leather dildos.

The distribution of roles

Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

A fragment of an ancient amphora from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples

The ancient Greeks and Romans considered the idea of ​​same-sex sexual behavior is quite natural, therefore, the concepts related to the modern "gay" simply did not exist. But there was a cult of masculinity. It was believed that a man should always take the lead in sex. In turn, the passive partner assumes the female role, and he was treated with some disdain in society.

Premarital relations Mayan boys

Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

A copy of the frescoes of the Mayan temple in Chetumal (Mexico)

Higher caste Maya were very practical in the education of their sons. They believed that it was the responsibility of parents, not only to ensure their financial and emotional support, but also to satisfy the sexual needs of the children.

When the sons of noble families have reached maturity, their parents were looking for the most beautiful boys from families of commoners, so that they were sexual partners of their sons to marry. This alliance between the boys was considered akin to the actual marriage and recognized by law. Boys Maya even lived with each other as long as married, roughly on reaching the age of 20. Homosexual relationships between boys have been officially legalized, but for rape severely punished, even men from noble families.

casual relationships in the temple of Aphrodite

Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

The Temple of Aphrodite in Kouklia

Philosopher Herodotus, describing the rituals of the Assyrians, mentioned prostitution. This activity, according to him, was in ancient Assyria, not only legally, but also mandatory for all unmarried women. The fact that the Assyrians were very popular cult of Aphrodite, or, as they are also called, Mylitta, Ishtar. Therefore, they believed that in order to the woman received the goddess of mercy, she should have sex with strangers in the temple of Aphrodite. Every woman in the Assyrian empire, of persons of royal blood to nischenok should have been at least once in a lifetime to participate in this sacred rite in the Temple of Aphrodite.

Bestiality as entertainment and the sacred rite of

Shocking sexual traditions of the ancient world

A fragment of a statue with a scene of bestiality (about 470 BC. E.)

The practice of having sex with animals is as old as humanity itself. On bone rods, which about 25 000 years, you can see a scene in which a lion licking the genitals of men and women. Images dated seventh century BC, in which a man has sex with a donkey, were found on the wall of a cave in Italy. Even in the Bible there is the direct referring to bestiality.

It is known that rich women in ancient Rome for sexual pleasures kept snakes, and men raped animals in the Colosseum.

Unlike the ancient Romans, who practiced sex with animals for fun or entertainment, the ancient Greeks were seen in bestiality for religious reasons. They have turned the act into the central rite during the bacchanalian and made part of the ceremony in the temple of Aphrodite.