Relationship, love and marriage in the UAE

Everyone has heard about the infinite riches of Arab sheiks. But did you know that the biggest treasure for the Arab - his family? Arab woman - the keeper of the family hearth. She is highly respected among the men. And what children in the family is more, the woman is considered to be happier. Let's look at how an ordinary family living in the UAE.

Relationship, love and marriage in the UAE Relationship, love and marriage in the UAE

Facts about the acquaintance

Potential bride has the right to refuse the offer, if the groom s something not liked. Still, the decision to marry in the first place takes the groom's family.

Few Arab women marrying Europeans because of marriage with the wrong they may simply expel forever. But men sometimes marry from the UAE on European girls, but the marriage will be beneficial only to her husband. A woman in a marital union does not receive citizenship, and a divorce the children always remained with his father.

Relationship, love and marriage in the UAE

Facts about the wedding

The marriage contract - a required element of an Arab wedding. Instead bride contract signed by two of her relatives.

Wedding celebration to take place within one year after signing the contract. Until groom wedding can visit wife-only in the presence of its relatives. Bride-price, who pays for the bride to the groom's family, can reach several hundreds of thousands of dollars, so the girls give birth very profitable.

Arab wedding represents a big match. Treats are diverse and constantly there is a change of dishes. Thus, the groom's family shows guests their hospitality and prosperity. Since Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol, the strongest drink on the table is the coffee. However, this does not prevent the celebrations continue for seven days.

Relationship, love and marriage in the UAE

Facts about family structure

Opinion on discrimination of Arab women in practice turns out to be somewhat exaggerated. Of course, in any Arab family wife must obey her husband, but she is always involved in dealing with important issues.

It is not necessary to believe in the fact that in the Emirates married women live in prison. In fact, married, Arab beauty can wear anything you like: mini-skirts, and jeans, and shorts. Residents of the UAE are generally large ladies, they can shop for hours, choosing outfits and modern fabrics. But, going outside, they should wear a black silk cape top to toe, his face covered with black shawl. Outsiders can see the eyes, fingers and feet. The rest of the beauty - only for her husband.

But today the black cape on the streets are rare. You may well see an Arab woman in jeans and a tunic. The only thing that still adhere to - head covering. Therefore, a woman without a scarf on your head, you are unlikely to meet.

Women in the UAE are very decent education. They are available to the best universities in the world, but most of their learning remains unclaimed. A married woman is unlikely to be able to work either prohibits her husband, or she does not wish itself, because it is too busy with constant pregnancies and childbirth. However, today's young people in this regard is more progressive. Many of the girls who had been educated in Europe, remain in the same place to build a career. And another interesting fact: the Arab families who live outside the Muslim world, is rarely seriously adhere to age-old traditions.

Relationship, love and marriage in the UAE

Facts about divorce

It has long been wanting to get a divorce, Arab husband could at any time to say to his wife: "Talaaq, talaq, talaq" (repeat "go away" three times). After that the woman should immediately get out of his home, taking with them only what was on it. That is why today they are (just in case, of course) all donated gold carry on themselves.

Men give this precious metal instead of flowers. What weighs more a gift, the stronger the love of her husband. No wonder the local saying goes that a woman without gold - naked.

Women in the UAE can also file for divorce, but only in two cases:

If it is proven that infidelity by a spouse. But it is unlikely for this reason that someone will be able to get a divorce, because in the UAE officially allowed polygamy. In addition, in most cases the wife prefers to keep quiet about the "sins" spouse. Why? Because such "skandalistki" no one will re-married, and her whole life will drag gossip train. Yes, and the children in a divorce always remain with her father.

If the husband is insufficient to ensure his faithful. He is obliged to take her to restaurants, to buy gold, to build her a house is not worse than the rest of the women, and so on. Such petitions the court is considering very carefully, and even meet them.

Facts about polygamy

Despite the fact that Islam allows to have up to four wives, not every Arab today can afford to polygamy. The main cause of such involuntary monogamous is simple lack of funds for the maintenance Harem. Therefore, the classic UAE family consisting of a husband, a number of wives and concubines, - the privilege of sheikhs and very wealthy people. Actually, the marriage with a rich Emiratis - a pleasant thing in many ways, however, only as long as it lasts. By law, each wife has her own house, generous content and the right to an equal share of attention from the husband.

For each woman set a clear timetable for visits, new wife built detached villa (not cheaper, but no more expensive than the previous) husband finances are distributed in equal proportions, and in general - in the family should all live in peace and harmony. If something went wrong - the problem is not the wives and husband who fails to resolve the disputes.

So, as we see, the tradition and related support in the Arab family have incredible power. So, if a woman is a widow, to marry her husband's brother in order to provide and protect her.