Candid photos of celebrities in his youth

• Candid photos of celebrities in their youth

Unturned archives in search of rare shooting of our favorite celebrities. And it is not simple, and almost erotic! Age of many stars in these photos you exactly surprised.

Candid photos of celebrities in his youth

Britney Spears

17 years, the magazine The Rolling Stone

Candid photos of celebrities in his youth

In 1999, on the cover of the April issue it appeared innocuous for those years photo taken by renowned photographer David LaChapelle. If it were not for one "but": at the time of pop princess Britney Spears has been 17 years, and its "chip" was her virginity.

Brooke Shields

10 years, Playboy

Candid photos of celebrities in his youth

In the 10 years appeared to of Playboy, at 13 years played a young prostitute in the movie "Pretty baby" in 15 years played a major role in the erotic drama "Blue Lagoon" ... I wonder what she Brooke Shields, by his own admission, lost her virginity only 22 years old. At the same time her whole career was based on speculation of children's sexuality, and to feed her mother, who approved its participation in the shooting for Playboy. Later Shields tried (unsuccessfully) to sue the magazine rights to this footage.

Miley Cyrus

15 years, Vanity Fair magazine

Candid photos of celebrities in his youth

Looking at the "modern version" Cyrus, it is difficult to believe that once these images by photographer Annie Leibovitz caused shock in Disney Channel viewers where Miley playing the teenage series "Hannah Montana."

Angelina Jolie

16 years old, the first images of the model portfolio

Candid photos of celebrities in his youth

Jolie's career started quite early. With 14 years she worked as a model at the shows in London, Los Angeles and New York, also appeared in several music videos. In 16 years, Angelina has already played in the theater. At the same time, her brother went to film school, and the first roles of the actress became his role in the five experimental films. So Angie switched to cinema.

Kate Moss

18 Calvin Klein campaign

Candid photos of celebrities in his youth

The scandal in the history of the fashion house is associated with the names of the young Kate Moss and the novice rapper Marky Mark (for those who did not recognize the guy, adding that under this pseudonym was trying to build a music career Mark Wahlberg). Now the half-female breasts few people are surprised (especially breast Kate Moss), but in 1992 it was a shock.

Cameron Diaz

16 years, the first shooting as a model

Candid photos of celebrities in his youth

After high school, Diaz seriously pursue a career in modeling. She traveled a lot, visited Japan, Australia, Algeria, France, Mexico, shooting for magazines and advertising.

Emma Watson

'22, Natural Beauty Project

Candid photos of celebrities in his youth

Yes, the actress was no longer a schoolgirl at the time of shooting candid, but remember who she played all my childhood and adolescence, and what commitments were linked! Having dealt with the image of Hermione's excellent pupil of fairy tales about wizards, Emma was exposed to the draft Natural Beauty photographer and activist James Houston, which was intended to draw attention to the protection of nature.