Loud territorial disputes of the international community

In the political world map borders look crisp and clear, but the reality is not so simple. There are regions where the boundaries are changed almost every day. In some areas there are several applicants, and the boundaries marked in the atlas are only remotely related to the real situation. And here in front of you a few striking examples.

Loud territorial disputes of the international community


Greece and Turkey for centuries arguing over the territory of Cyprus, alternately taking it under control. After several invasions of Cyprus is divided into two parts. Today, 37% of the island on the north side belongs to Turkey, located to the south of 63% - the Republic of Cyprus (with a predominantly Greek population). Between them is a buffer zone guarded contingents of the armed forces of the United Nations.

Ceuta and Melilla

This city on the northern coast of Morocco - the last Spanish territory in Africa. Morocco neondnokratno put forward demands for the return of the cities under his jurisdiction, but the local population actively opposes such ihsodu. So today they officially composed of the EU.

New Moore, or South Talpatti

Nowadays, people are willing to fight for anything, and the island of New Moore proof. More precisely, he was not even an island, a sandy spit, which is now again went under the water. In 1970, she appeared off the coast of India and Bangladesh as a result of the passage of the devastating Cyclone Bola, and in 2010 again disappeared beneath the waves. However, two of the country for 40 years continue to argue over the pile of sand.


Another amazing thing is the territorial dispute - uninhabited rock in the North Atlantic, which claimed and the United Kingdom, Iceland, and Ireland. In 1997 he landed on the island of representatives of the "Greenpeace" and gave it the name Veyvlend. However, none of the applicants has not attended in order to stop the invasion.


Although in this area do not shed blood, and without it, the list is incomplete. Here are almost all the neutral territory of the planet, and although much of Antarctica has divided hypothetically, there is always a place to rumors about the new claims.

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

The dispute over the territory of the island began at the turn of the 20th century, when the Argentine whaling company started fishing there at a time of their annexation by Great Britain. During the Falklands War, the island briefly came under the control of Argentina, and then again returned to the British crown. To this day, Argentina lays claim to the possession of the islands.


Although the conflict between Spain and Britain over Gibraltar Strait acting in a small piece of land is not so great, but it is very curious. Despite the fact that Gibraltar is considered a British Overseas Territory, Spain puts forward his claim to the right to ownership of the peninsula. And Breksa only worsened the situation.

Western Sahara

The plot of land mainly occupied by the desert - one of the most sparsely populated areas of the planet. Initially it was considered part of the Spanish Empire, but today the territory claimed by Morocco and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. The world community has neither the one nor the other party does not have the majority, but influential countries urge them to come to a peace agreement.


If what is known and Sudan, it is certainly not their safety. After years of strife and bloodshed South Sudan gained independence - and the territorial dispute has acquired the status of an interstate. Abyei is located in the heart of the conflict.

Bir Tawil

This curious item in the list is different from the others in that it is the subject of "the territorial dispute on the contrary", where each party tries to prove that it belongs to the other side. Thus, the region of Bir Tawil between Egypt and Sudan - one of the least popular areas of land on the planet.


Despite receiving in 1981 independence, the last 30 years in Belize, Guatemala claims. In 1992, a short time Guatemala has decided to recognize the new nation, but quickly changed her mind, and a year later went again to consider Belize to its 23 th Department.


When 3 million people declare their independence, they expect that 200 other countries would agree to their will. However, when in 1991, Somaliland declared independence from Somalia, no one paid attention. You could choose more original name.