"It is not a man": Australian week lived on Victoria Beckham's regime

• "It is not a man": Australian week lived under the regime of Victoria Beckham

Few can argue that the 44-year-old Victoria Beckham looks amazing. She manages to keep yourself in great shape, but it's worth a superhuman effort. Australian blogger Michelle Adams decided to check on their skin, what life is Victoria Beckham. Michelle week on a diet Posh Spice. In the end it turned out that to live is capable of every living person.

As expected, the new life (even if only just for a week) in the style of Victoria Beckham Michelle began Monday. According to the "Bible" of the stars, there is only one way to start the morning - the water with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Next on the list of five-kilometer race. But the weather in Melbourne has not deigned to training outdoors, so I had to go to the gym. After a workout, come breakfast time.

"A cup of sprouted grains with organic unsweetened almond milk - the taste, as you would expect, like a soaked in water board. During the meal I drank the pill of bee saliva. It was the closest that I have found to bee pollen, within a radius of 20 kilometers. It smells terrible and it cost me $ 44. "

At this pills is not ended. Following the course went collagen and multivitamins. For lunch and dinner, Michel ate sushi and salmon with broccoli and peas. Well, it is quite good compared to breakfast. And then again in the hall for training. "I do not like to say it, but I feel great."

Tuesday began with a jog in seven in the morning. For breakfast, Michelle chose Victoria smoothie diet of apples, spinach and chia. But she decided to save time and easily dissolved in water green powder. The result was quite tasteless mush.

"Because she eats salmon almost every day, I fry one steak for lunch and eat it with a salad. At dinner - chicken breast with broccoli. I was bursting with good health and arrogance. "

But during the second training Michel felt tired, finished engage in 30 minutes and went to bed.

Wednesday did not bring anything good. In the morning, the girl began menstruating. But that's not all.

"After this bee saliva, collagen and god knows what else in these multivitamins my urine became fluorescent yellow. I'm angry and tired, so I had to miss the morning practice. The idea that you have to have these nasty germinated grains, fills me with such horror that I do not eat until three in the afternoon. Instead, I continue to drink water and vinegar. And then I realize that you can drink it only twice a day. Patiently waiting for the teeth will fall out. "

Then Michel had a ball - ate M & M's pack, steak with noodles, missed training again, but drank nemerenoe amount of chocolate cocktail. On Thursday, Michelle began attending doubt that Victoria Beckham is a living person, not a cyborg.

"How the hell Beckham hair always look clean? After jogging, I understand that never in my life so often did not wash your hair. Training twice a day means that I live in a coating of sweat and fatigue. "

"From a single species of salmon me want to scream. But Victoria would never yell at chilled dead fish, so I'm holding. Miss dairy products. Want to cry".

On the last day of the experiment, Michel decided to follow all the rules of the life of Victoria Beckham: ate sprouted grains, "stupid salmon" drunk bee saliva and even went for a run. And then I decided to spit it all.

"I've never been so close to cubes press, as of now, but it's not worth it. I fell on the sofa with a bucket of ice cream and said to the guy: "Victoria Beckham - is not a man. '"

"And then I ordered a double cheeseburger in UberEats".