Best and worst foods for sleep

• Best and worst foods for sleep

Of course, it is better not to eat at night. And if you still really want to choose the right products for sleep - those that help to fall asleep quickly and to cope with insomnia.

Best and worst foods for sleep

Some foods help to sleep better, while others, on the contrary, provoke insomnia and does not promote relaxation.

5 best sleep products

Bananas. Firstly, bananas better than any other fruit to quench the appetite. Despite the fact that they are fairly high-calorie, it is better to eat a banana before bed than a sandwich. Secondly, bananas contain magnesium and potassium, which contribute to the rapid recovery of muscles. And thirdly, bananas stabilize serotonin and melanin, helping the brain to relax completely.

Oatmeal. This is the morning meal is also one of the foods that promote sleep. All thanks to the trace elements in the composition, which favorably affect the stimulation of the nervous system. If the porridge add slices of banana, the effect will be even stronger.

Boiled egg. If you wake up at night from hunger, make it a habit to eat a boiled egg in the evening. Eggs contain a lot of protein, they are well saturated, so run to the refrigerator will not have night. If you are looking for the perfect products before going to sleep, you know - it's eggs. Almonds. Due to the composition of magnesium in almonds helps to fall asleep faster, but also gives a feeling of fullness. In addition, almonds contain healthy fats - as a bonus.

Tuna. Another protein snack that will help you sleep well all night and eliminate the extra calories. Eat it with a slice of wholemeal bread and cucumber.

In addition to a full meal, to sleep very well affect some drinks - primarily herbal teas. If you suffer from insomnia every night brew chamomile tea or tea with oregano. Fit and rather weak green tea with mint.

5 worst foods before bed

fatty dairy products. From childhood we are taught to drink yogurt or warm milk before going to bed. Warm milk with honey actually has a calming effect, but not suitable for all adults is a "sleeping pills." Many dairy products before going to bed - it's not the best solution, since they are not always well absorbed and can cause heaviness in the stomach. If you want something easy and milk, eat yogurt. But fatty cheese is better to postpone away. Also, do not eat at night fried and spicy. All this can cause heartburn and other trouble with the digestive tract, which is not exactly contribute to a strong and healthy sleep.

Watermelon and melon. You do not want the night to run to the toilet? Leave a watermelon or cantaloupe in the morning.

Alcohol. Yes, the wine will help you relax and fall asleep quickly. But hardly sleep will be strong and calm. In addition, in the morning you can come hangover. Therefore, the dinner is better to limit one glass.

One of the worst foods for sleep - it is Caffeine. It is not difficult to guess that evening cup of coffee can rob you of sleep for a few hours. Also, in no case do not drink energy drinks in the evening. Of course, if you are not going to work all night and write a thesis.