Chronic lack of sleep: Symptoms and effects

If you are familiar with these warning signs, it is a sure sign that you urgently's time to go to sleep!

Chronic lack of sleep: Symptoms and effects

1. You become irritable

The more you get tired, the more you become irritable. Lack of sleep leads to the fact that you just do not have enough strength to cope with stress. This can lead to depression and many other disorders.

2. You're always hungry

Lack of sleep results in reduced levels of leptin - a hormone which inhibits hunger and supports energy. If you always want something to eat, the reason may be banal lack of sleep.

3. You instantly fall asleep

If you are disengaged, barely touching the head cushion, it is a sure sign that you need to how to sleep. Scientists say that if you fall asleep in less than five minutes, then most likely, the body suffers from a lack of sleep.

4. You look like a hangover

Scattered view, red eyes and a dull complexion are not always the result of heavy alcoholic libations. Exactly the same result you will get, if you are chronically sleep.

5. Thy reduced immunity

If you manage to regular colds and feel disgusting, it is a sure sign of fatigue of the body. The immune system is gaining strength in the dream, so those who sleep at least eight hours a day, suffer three times less.

6. You're crying over nothing

Healthy sleep contributes to emotional stability, and its deficiency leads to psychological vulnerability. If the little things make you roar, it's time to think about what you ought to get some sleep.

7. You can not even wake up with coffee

Coffee charges vigor and gives you energy, but what if it does not work anymore? Unfortunately, caffeine - not all-powerful tool, so if you feel that it has become useless, try to finally take a nap.

8. What libido decreases

Pretty hard to think about sex, if you fall asleep as soon as you lie down on the bed. However, it is a scientific fact is that lack of sleep leads to a noticeable decrease in sexual desire. Still would! After all, the body simply does not have the forces to do so.

9. You fall asleep in the cinema

If you fall asleep as soon as you find yourself in a dark room like a theater, thus your body is desperately trying to signal that he needed sleep. And you'd better listen to him!

10. You have become awkward

When you enough sleep, your body's reactions are slowed noticeably. Scientists say that if you spend the night without sleep, hand-eye coordination of your body will fit fairly drunken man.