What to see in Delhi: the main attractions

Why in the temple Lotus nine doors? What is the secret of the Iron column? And where there is a paradise on earth? Today let's talk about the main sights of Delhi.

What to see in Delhi: the main attractions

Delhi - a city of contrasts, not burning to prepare the tourist as a hot pepper, eaten on an empty stomach. A fully prepare for the visit can not be in it. Will not work. This is because it is divided into two parts: Old Delhi and New Delhi, and they differ from each other as heaven and earth. Old Town - the story itself. Its winding streets, magnificent ruins of the mausoleums, the defensive walls of fortifications reminiscent of a rich historical past. The new city, known as New Delhi - a symbol of the power of the British Empire. And the capital of India and its business center.

Lotus Temple

What to see in Delhi: the main attractions

This temple is for Delhi the same symbol as the Taj Mahal of Agra, the Eiffel Tower for Paris and Red Square - to Moscow. Although more like an avant-garde building, accidentally wormed among the ancient monuments.

The temple looks like a snow-white marble lotus, surrounded by the blue waters of the pool, and is the main temple of the Baha'i religion, the basic principle of which - the unity of God and religion. The rounded design of buildings is not a single straight line or angle, which symbolizes the cycle of rebirth of the soul in the body. A nine doors represent the number of major religions in the world. The number of inputs architect Fariborz Sahba wanted to show that the church is open to believers of all religions.

After a rich architecture and internal luxury other Indian temples that certainly seems a manifestation of strict minimalism. It is nothing but a huge 27 petals of marble and simple benches inside. But this asceticism and allows us to understand how illusory material world.

Park Mehrauli

What to see in Delhi: the main attractions

Now it is hard to believe that just a few centuries ago, it was not the archaeological park and the capital of the Delhi Sultanate - with palaces, mosques, gardens and public buildings. Currently, only ruins remain of it. However, buildings of former greatness can be judged by him.

One of the highlights of the park is iron column. She has her own secret: despite the fact that it is cast iron, for over 1500 years does not rust. Guess why so far failed to anyone. Hence, there were rumors that the cast column aliens. Like it or not, but as long as time brings about changes in the appearance of the other attractions, the column remains intact.

Red Fort

What to see in Delhi: the main attractions

If you ask the locals how to get to the fortress of Lal Qila, he can answer, and maybe shrug. And here is where the Red Fort, or the Red Fort, everyone knows. Above the entrance to the palace are carved the words: "If there is paradise on earth, it is here."

Immodestly. But the fact. It is believed that the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan planned fortress of paradise image as described in the Koran. However, what in heaven castle - it is not clear, but the Shah Jahan, it was apparently visible.

In the XVII century the fort had all the trappings of the imperial residence of marble palaces, beautiful mosques, gorgeous gardens. That's just his fame did not last more than a century. First Sikh attacked the fortress, and then - British soldiers. Each brings about changes in the structure, not caring about its historical value.

Today, life is still in full swing. But at the expense of tourists, guides and numerous merchants.

Lodi Gardens

What to see in Delhi: the main attractions

It would seem that may be interesting in the gardens? The trees - they are in India, the trees. But no. Lodi Gardens is a real gem of a bustling Delhi, a kind of oasis of peace and tranquility.

People come here to relax from the bustle of the metropolis, have a picnic, play cricket or just stroll through the alleys. The fact that once on the site of the gardens was a small village, except that resemble preserved monuments. Turn slums into a beautiful park decided to wife of British King Lady Wellington. And she succeeded.

Akshardham Temple

What to see in Delhi: the main attractions

The largest Hindu temple in the world and one of the most beautiful in Delhi - it's all about the Akshardham temple. It is noteworthy that, unlike most of the main attractions of the city, it was not built in ancient times, and in 2005.

Hardly construction was completed, the temple is made in the Guinness Book of Records as the most spectacular Hindu structure. The height - 42 m, length - 106 m, and the width -. 94 m crowned nine temple of domes, decorate pieces of 20 000 and column 234, and is disposed along the perimeter 148 elephants figures. It is difficult to imagine how all this is combined in one temple. Here's wishing to ensure its greatness and come here every day.

Although, to be precise, it's not a single temple, but a huge complex, which includes parks, artificial channel, numerous cafes, souvenir shops, fountains and even a cinema.

winning Tower

What to see in Delhi: the main attractions

In the highest brick minaret in the world has another name - Qutb Minar. He rises up to 72, 6 meters and symbolizes the victory of Islam over Hinduism, it is the foundation of the Mughal Empire. The idea was originally a grand. The minaret had to be seen from every corner of Delhi, and it was almost an impossible task for a vast city. Here and erected its three rulers for nearly 200 years. Due to this, the architectural style of a little changed. But what happened in the end, is really amazing. The cone-shaped five-tiered tower, made of red and yellow sandstone, due to the fine carving and skillful marble décor, elegant looks and in our days.

India Gate

What to see in Delhi: the main attractions

It is necessary to look at them, and can not help recalling the Arc de Triomphe is located in Paris. However, nothing surprising in this. It Triomphe Paris and served as a prototype for the Gateway of India. Only, in contrast, India Gate distinguished the rigor and austerity.

Designed by architect Edwin Lutyens them, and they were built in 1931 in honor of the Indian soldiers who died during the First World War and the Anglo-Afghan wars. Therefore, India Gate was originally called the All India War Memorial. It affects the size of the arch is not so much - 42 m, but the fact that on it are engraved the names of all the victims, and that 90 000 names.