Adults remember their encounters with pedophiles in childhood

Users of Facebook and instagrama launched a new flash mob, which is not exactly call fun. There are adults share their childhood memories about pedophiles, marking them hashtag # davayneskazhemmame.

Read this terribly unpleasant, sometimes disgusting, but it all happened and continues to happen in our society. This means that the problem can not be silent.

Adults remember their encounters with pedophiles in childhood

public search party "Liza Alert" has launched a flash mob # davayneskazhemmame designed to draw public attention to the problem of security of their children and communicate with strangers.

"To illustrate the scale of this disaster and to draw the attention of adults to the fact that they are constantly hunting for the children, we ask to share their stories and put the hashtag # davayneskazhemmame", - told members of the order.

On his Facebook page about the flashmob informed and activist Grigory Sergeev, adding to his post history of one of the victims of pedophile failed. He urged anyone who has ever faced with these monsters, share memories, to warn parents of the current nightmare.

It turned out that the problem is familiar to many - dozens of people in no time responded to the flash mob to tell their terrible story.

"I was then five years old, and maybe even less. We were going with his grandmother somewhere where I do not remember, but my grandmother me to dress up in the most beautiful dress and released on a bench near the entrance (we have always lived on the first floor, and it was in the nature of things, here and so easily to release the child) .

While my grandmother was going, I was approached by an uncle, a stranger, and began offering candy, Morozhenko, see the puppy. But I answered firmly: "No". He realized that I did not go with him just like that, took me under his arm and carried. I resisted, then began to cry, and when he has brought me to the entrance, I began to scream. He took off my panties and sat naked ass on the stairwell. I continued to cry, and he - to unbutton his pants. And someone in the hallway decided to see what was happening on the stairs, and clicked, creaked the door lock. The man checked himself, put on his trousers and ran. A neighbor came to the site, and I grew bolder and began to shout him something nasty after.

Thank God, thank you neighbor, who I actually saved. But I remember this incident so far! I remember how my mother cried with my grandmother, I remember took me to the doctor, I remember walking to the identification of and I did not recognize anyone, because they were all the same - in a hat and glasses. I remember, and I'm afraid for my children. And I understand, if a criminal wants to do - it will make! "

According to statistics, 20% of crimes against children from 1 to 5 years of age are sexual in nature. Among children aged 6 to 10 years who are victims of crime, every second is subjected to violence; and 2/3 of children between 11 and 14 victims of crime, faced with pedophiles.

And statistics show that the number of pedophiles is growing. But most likely, it is increasing only the number of complaints of parents in law enforcement - is bearing fruit public awareness.

"I was five years old, when my friend walked in the yard and we dug up some grandfather:" Girls, let's go to the entrance, I'll give you money, and you hold the bumps. " I felt helpless and was horrified by this situation, stood rooted to the spot. A friend was more lively and prepared: "Do not go, this is it will show a pussy." She grabbed my hand and we ran. One shudders to think what might have happened if in this situation, I was alone. An adult I did not say anything. " His story told and the wearer instagrama Marina, whose parents went to the police after the story of a pedophile. But the criminal case they were denied - because the man did not have time to harm the girl. The yard was in 1991.

And here is the story:

"I was 7 years old, we took a walk in the park next to the house, I and my two-peer buddy. As a child I was always friends with the guys and looked like a boy, I loved to climb over fences.

In the small town were not afraid to let children roam, and I liked it, wherever we climbed ... A typical day, an ordinary park, we were approached by a man, asked me where I live, I showed the other side. Offered seeds - we gave up, we did not like his presence, and we decided to climb up to the Ferris wheel, away from him.

The boys have climbed, and it was my turn, I climbed about shoulder height of this man, and he grabbed me, threw over his shoulder and ran. This time, I remember well: he runs, I hit him on the head, probably unprintable swearing, running after me two of my other uncle carrying me toward my house (I also indicated that I live in the other side).

Along the park was stretched cord - he stumbles, drops me, I'm falling, almost fling, but again he grabbed me by the leg and dragged into the forest already. There we were with a man met two women who have decided to cut the road to the bakery across the park. They are, in fact, saved me. Then took home to his grandmother. It turned out that one of the women was buying milk from my granny. I was scared that I will fly, I do remember. But such is not flew. From that day on I was forbidden to leave the yard and I could go only one way to Grandma's. I did not understand what could have happened, and the punishment seemed too harsh.

Then I always carried a large nail, so that next time do not beat his fist and nail. "

Head of the Laboratory of medical sexology Center. Serbian Vvedenskii George believes that up to 40% of men are prone to pedophilia. Of course, not all are pedophiles, but the statistics are frightening.

Adults remember their encounters with pedophiles in childhood

"It was the sea. I'm 13, he was over 50. He kept looking at me, not like looking at children. And then he came over and began to embrace me. I was disgusted - he drank and smoked and stank of it. But at that moment he was sober.

I'm not scared. And he said something in my ear: "Probably, here for you people too much." I do not attach importance to this, but the other day I went to the toilet late at night, just before going to bed (it was inexpensive recreation, and the toilet was a general, in the suburbs, in the shade).

He followed me and when I came out, grabbed and climbed to kiss. How could I terrible and disgusting. I did not scream. I remember thinking that if the pope or his wife will see, they will scold me, I thought that I myself climbed to it.

I could not escape from it - he hugged me, kissed and touched wherever he could reach. I dodge, but could not break free. I whined and requested to let me go. "I scared you, huh?" - "Yes" - I said. And he said he let me go, but if I told him now I'll write my number on a piece of paper and he would call me. I wrote that he left behind. But a note found by his wife, and I was strongly criticized for the fact that I adheres to the adult married men. The truth, I did not tell, thought, that I did not believe it, I'm a child ... "

It seems that the issue of children and pedophiles is infinitely far from us, but it is very close. Only in July, the volunteers "Liza Alert" twice participated in the search for children who have died from the hands of tyrants, - a five-year baby from Serpukhov, and nine-year girl from the Belgorod region.

Unfortunately, since the childhood of those who took part in the flashmob, pedophiles have not gone away. But if you do nothing can be, it is possible to do informing children and explain to them how to behave in these situations. And children can be taught to say "no" because they are often afraid to refuse an adult pedophiles and shamelessly use it.