Hollywood stars, who have lost the role because of pregnancy

Audrey Hepburn, Hilary Duff, Jodie Foster - these stars have lost roles or were abandoned filming due to pregnancy. Who came off the bench Hollywood mums?

Hollywood stars, who have lost the role because of pregnancy

Hilary Duff - "Story of Bonnie and Clyde"

The film is in production

Hollywood stars, who have lost the role because of pregnancy

As early as 2011 the director Tonya Suzanne Holly reached for a new movie about the famous pair of lovers gangsters Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Hilary Duff, approved for the lead role, he suddenly became aware of her first pregnancy. Then the actress was married to NHL player Mike Comrie, which in March 2012, gave birth to a son, Luca. Duff asked to beat in the scenarios of its position or wait for delivery, but the director said that this is impossible. And what? The picture is still in production with no approved of the actress for the role of Bonnie! The rest of the cast assembled, and producers promise is about to start shooting. All these years, Hilary is almost shot and patiently waited for her to come back with an offer, but ... two months ago, the actress learned that waiting for a second baby - from musician Matthew Koma. Hilary hopes that this time the team of the film will suffer another year of inactivity, and it can finally get out of the protracted decree with loud premiere.

Isla Fisher - "The Illusion of deceit 2" (2013)

Replaced Lizzy Caplan

Hollywood stars, who have lost the role because of pregnancy

Isla Fisher nearly died during the shooting of the first part of the movie "The illusion of deception," and this is no exaggeration. During filming scenes escaping from a glass chamber filled with water, actress starts to sink. Chain, fettered her legs entangled, and Ayla held under water for three minutes.

Hollywood stars, who have lost the role because of pregnancy

Fisher was prepared to continue to take risks for the sake of art, but when in 2014 began shooting sequel, she learned of the pregnancy. Ayla waited for the third child of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Producers removed heroine Fisher of the script and introduced a new character, played by Lizzy Caplan. In March of 2015 to the eldest daughter Fisher and Baron Cohen joined kid Montgomery, and the team, "Illusion of deceit" began to plan the shooting of the third part of the criminal comedy. It is unknown which of the two actresses will appear in the film.

Robin Wright - "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" (1991)

Replaced by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Hollywood stars, who have lost the role because of pregnancy

become pregnant by Sean Penn, the actress has refused a film about Robin Hood and did not regret. In April 1991, Robin Wright gave birth to a daughter, Dylan Francis, and it offers began to arrive again. For example, to play a major role in the thriller "Firm" with Tom Cruise. But Wright learned of her second pregnancy, and again refused. In 1993, she gave birth to a son, Hopper Jack, and was invited to the film "Batman Forever." This time, Robin Wright was not planning a third child, but she wanted to stay longer at home with the kids, so she declined the offer, and the role of Nicole Kidman received.

Nicole Kidman - "The Reader" (2008)

Replaced Kate Winslet

Hollywood stars, who have lost the role because of pregnancy

Kate Winslet for a long time was to his "Oscar" for the female lead, and achieve awards helped her pregnancy, Nicole Kidman. Kidman for her position was a long-awaited joy. The actress could not get pregnant in the first marriage with Tom Cruise and is rumored to have suffered a miscarriage. Upon learning that she was pregnant by her second husband, country musician Keith Urban, Kidman, despite the entreaties of the producers, to put aside all projects and dedicated to the future motherhood. In July 2008, Nicole gave birth to a healthy baby the Sunday Rose. Girl Nicole was the only child she herself endured. Her second biological daughter gave birth to a surrogate mother.

Catherine Zeta-Jones - "The Outer Limits" (2003)

Replaced Angelina Jolie

Hollywood stars, who have lost the role because of pregnancy

Initially, a drama about the lovers volunteers rescuing children of Ethiopia, had to shoot Oliver Stone. Starring he saw Kevin Costner and Catherine Zeta-Jones. But in 2000, the actress learned that waiting for the son of actor Michael Douglas, and refused to shoot. After it left the project, and Kostner. Shoot with other artists Stone did not want to, and the shooting were under threat. To the delight of the producers for the project come from director Martin Campbell, who was invited to starring Angelina Jolie and Clive Owen. On the one hand, the choice can not be called successful: Jolie was nominated for antipremiyu "Golden Raspberry". On the other, it was on the set of the drama "Beyond Borders", which took place in Cambodia, Jolie met her first foster child - a boy Maddox - and began its journey philanthropist.

Jodie Foster - "Double Jeopardy" (1999)

Replaced Ashley Judd

Hollywood stars, who have lost the role because of pregnancy

Foster calculate refuse to work in the thriller - critics cold took a picture. And Jody in 2001 gave birth to a second son, and went out a decree from the more successful thriller "Panic Room." The fathers of their children Foster concealed, and in 2007 it declared homosexuality and introduced his partner - producer Sidney Bernard, which had lived since 1993. Now Jodie Foster married to actress Alexandra Hedison.

Audrey Hepburn - "West Side Story" (1961)

Replaced Natalie Wood

Hollywood stars, who have lost the role because of pregnancy

"West Side Story" - a film adaptation of the Broadway musical based on the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare's characters are transferred to the New York 50-ies, and become members of two rival gangs: Latinos and whites. Puerto Rican Maria had to play Audrey Hepburn - participation in any project guaranteed the interest of the audience. However, successful role dearly cost the star. Married to actor Mel Ferrer, the actress suffered three miscarriages, one of which occurred directly on the set: Audrey fell from his horse on the film site "Unforgiven." Upon learning of the third pregnancy, Hepburn refused to shoot for the whole year, and made the first-born - son Sean. In 1965 and 1967, the actress once again had a miscarriage, and in 1970 she gave birth to a boy Luka from her psychiatrist Andrea Dotti. Audrey dreamed of a third child, but another pregnancy again ended unsuccessfully.

Melanie Griffith - "Good As It Gets" (1997)

Replaced by Helen Hunt

Hollywood stars, who have lost the role because of pregnancy

Comedy long remained without a major actress. On the role to try and Uma Thurman, who was too young for the role, and Courtney Love, with which the team simply did not dare to run. Option Melanie Griffith seemed perfect, but the actress left the project after learning about the pregnancy by Antonio Banderas. Daughter Stella del Carmen has become to her third child, and for Banderas - the first and still the only one. And Helen Hunt for her role in "Never better" received "Oscar". Her partner Jack Nicholson, too, got the statuette.