Interesting facts about advertising

• Interesting facts about advertising

If we consider the advertising not as a sales tool, but as an art form, then we can safely say that it has the largest audience among people of any nationality, age, gender, skin color, and so on. D. American historians have revealed some interesting facts about the advertisement that, perhaps you will be interested.

Interesting facts about advertising

1. Each year, people spend more on advertising than five hundred billion dollars. This is a really huge amount of money.

2. Familiar to us all advertising banner for the first time appeared in the street in 1990. Now almost all of us can see this even from his window. And order advertising has become much easier than before.

3. Advertising products for children and adolescents is designed so that peeking her child will want sold thing. In my head there is the idea that this toy or a prefix like to raise a child authority, so he starts asking their parents to buy the advertised product.

4. Pharmaceutical Company of America spend much more money on advertising drugs than on experimentation and research.

5. For a small advertisement in the broadcast of the game Super Bowl, held in 2013, had to pay $ 3 million.

6. The famous Disney studio in 2009 showed the world cartoon poster, on which calls to raise the T-shirt girl, to see more. Advertising considered overly sexual, and it was banned. 7. Psychologists say that a child under 8 years old are considered true everything that is shown in the commercials.

8. 2, 6 billion - that is how much was spent on the US presidential election advertising in 2008.

9. Many do not understand why food in commercials looks much better than the reality. It's simple - before filming product goes through rigorous training, painting, removal of all defects. Food shown in advertising, in fact, can not be eaten, because it is inedible.

10. The commercials of products for children removed the children, as a rule, a little older than claimed on the product ages. A child, looking for someone older than himself, sees in this man a role model and dreams of the advertised items.

11. In the 15th century, the printing press was established. Up to this point advertising performed as a voice message.

12. The largest amount of advertising tend to spend manufacturers of food and beverages.

13. As for women's magazines more advertising products, helping to reduce weight.

14. During the 65 years of life, a person has time to see two million TV commercials.

15. The child looks up to 40,000 ads a year.

Many of us are annoying advertising, we are trying to get rid of it, but it is all around us, therefore, it has long been part of our lives. Can you imagine the modern world without advertising?