Chinese women have not passed passport control after plasty

• Chinese women did not pass the passport control after the plastics

Three Chinese women were detained at the airport in South Korea due to the fact that they are swollen and bandaged after the person did not look like the pictures in the papers plastic surgery.

Chinese women have not passed passport control after plasty

The image where the Chinese woman with bandaged swollen faces waiting for the decision of immigration services, became an instant viral, it layknuli 51,000 times, and 23,000 people have shared.

The girls went to South Korea during the celebration of "Golden Week" to do plastic surgery.

South Korean plastic surgery clinics are known as some of the best in the world. Women from other Asian countries such as China and Japan, regularly fly to South Korea to correct the appearance. But often the girls are transformed so that airport personnel can not identify them with a photo in the passport.

Chinese women have not passed passport control after plasty

Many clinics offer foreign clients "plastic surgery certificates", which helps to go through passport control. In these certificates the patient's passport listed number, length of stay, name and location of the hospital. Travelers passing through airport customs with these certificates, usually identified by any facial features that plastic surgeons are left unchanged.

But these three women have not helped certificates. Time to recover from the Chinese women, apparently, was not, so they went to the airport with swollen and bandaged faces, and the presence of passports and tickets failed to convince immigration officials. How to finish the journey of Chinese women, not reported.