Rules of life of the writer Eduard Uspensky

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Rules of life of the writer Eduard Uspensky

Any writer - preacher. And I'm a preacher, all his preaching - friendship, comradeship, loyalty ... But I still preach that we should be non-standard, it is necessary to vandalize.

Crocodile Gena - a sermon that there are animals and they are full members of the community on Earth. Uncle Fedor - the sermon, "Let the children have more freedom.

I always knew that I would write for children.

His book, I really like, and each of them is very dear to me. Each of them lives in my head, I remember each. A re-reading does not sit down. I like taburetochny the master of the highest rank, doing his level stools. And all of these writers know taburetochnyh masters. And their level of production of stools.

The child has two parents - father and mother, and books. Two parents and Grandpa Korney Chukovsky - these are the main caregivers of minors.

Prototype of genes - the composer Yan Frenkel, which we was friends. A cat Matroskin - editor of the film magazine "wick" Anatoly Taraskin: thorough, thrifty, prudent. Initially, I did call a hero - a cat Taraskin but Tolia, learning of this, begged me not to do it. But Cheburashka appeared thanks to the niece of Felix Kamov. In July, the hottest month of the year, the little girl bought a fur coat. Trying her shaggy, with a huge collar, with floors to the ground, she kept falling - according to the dictionary Dahl "cheburahalas". This is one side. And on the other - the prototype of the character is a lemur, animal with big eyes and big ears. and so it is written in the script: the beast, like a lemur, but is not a lemur. A Shapoklyak I wrote off part of his first wife, partly to himself. I would not say that Cheburashka with Gena and cat Matroskin close to modern children. They are far behind the modern children. If Cheburashka show cell phone, he was very surprised.

I love them because they're just good guys. Not hooligans, do not fight, do not steal anything. Decent people.

Mickey Mouse - a great brand. But Cheburashka better. Mickey Mouse gives income America and Cheburashka - Russia.

Cheburashka itself - I itself. I'm on it just do not think. Passed stage. Last heroes - the most favorite.

I find it easy to amuse a Russian child, but the US more difficult. I often speak in our schools. Children ask: "How old are you," I said, "One hundred." "Why do you look so young?" I say, "I have a refrigerator is level, I sleep in it and not spoiling the whole night." They are laughing. And if the Americans is to say, they will think I'm crazy.

I do not mind that the child thrashed sometimes, it can be good medicine when used correctly. And sometimes it is necessary to give full freedom to give your child the opportunity to realize themselves.

In our country there is no author - none - who owns a plot. Newest syuzhetnikom was Samuil Marshak. I know the story very well, all my stories story.

About I once wrote that the "Assumption - is rational, which pretends to be emotion." I love questions in books do not touch.

One of the most important in my childhood - the book Louis Jacolliot "In the wilds of India."

John Silver, the pirate all brothers, all the adventurers, the Count of Monte Cristo, of course, all the characters of Louis Jacolliot - at school I loved all the exciting action-packed stuff. I can not say that I feel today's children to speak for them. The concept of friendship has changed. The old friendship, when the guys went ahead with staves and colas to defend your yard, there's nothing left. A new friendship - I can not imagine what it is now - it kind of computer.

"Harry Potter" - a great book, many of the children back to reading. In this book, there is what I would say, respect for the giver of knowledge and respect for the homeland, to the family, respect for friends to live - all the components of mental health there are.

I love to read, "Novaya Gazeta" on the Internet, "Echo of Moscow" look through, use email with terrible force, read the news, watch funny videos on YouTube, write on Facebook and view the tape.

Network - is very good and very harmful thing. What would even compare ... It's like a motorcycle on the background of the bicycle, you know? Here are all the bikes go, suddenly appeared motorcycle. Great? - Wow! Dangerous? - Dangerous! And it's good to get back to the bike and do not want to.

The modern TV I love "gavkalki" (political talk shows -. Esquire.). Of course, these programs badly affect the population. But it is a funny thing, when they are all at each other for any reason. They say, barking about America, woofing about Turkey, and they bark. Very interesting for those watching. One and the same person to bark in any direction. Such panopticum.

We do not know how to protect their own. To take and not to beg for what is rightfully and so is ours.

I knew that Winnie the Pooh Milne get rich relatives, and at some point thought, and what my family is worse? I began to figure out the legal details. It was at the beginning of perestroika. At some point I discovered that the confectionery factory "Red October" candy produces "Cheburashka". I called: "Guys, this is my hero. You at least indicate who the author is. " They say: "We have a patent, and we have nothing to talk to you." Then I said, "If you do not stop to produce candy" Cheburashka ", I will turn to the children throughout the country with an appeal not to buy candy factory" Red October "because slabomozglye people working there that his can not come up and take someone else's." And in some cases even printed a small article on this topic. The upshot was that they wrote me a letter: "Dear Eduard, we decided not to quarrel with you, and stop production of these sweets." And two months later packer with "Red October," said a certain television program, that the writer of the Assumption took the children candies: before it was called "Cheburashka" and its all bought, and now it is called "Roly-Poly" and nobody takes . So much for the value of the brand.

I understand for the life of one with age people become smarter not, rather the opposite. And if he does not answer the key question in the beginning of his career, in the final certainly will not understand.

It is best to live in his youth with his mind, not forcing myself in any average frame, rules and standards. What I'm doing all my life.