The legend of the Soviet automobile industry

In 1965 the title of "Car of the Year" receives development of Italian engineers, model FIAT-124. The following year, the Ministry of Foreign Trade, on the instructions of the party leadership, signed a contract with the company FIAT: the Soviet Union was to receive only the best cars.

From that moment it began the long and glorious path of VAZ-2101 on the road of our beloved homeland. To implement the project, it was decided to build a plant in the Soviet Union - he was to become one of the best car manufacturers in the whole of the Union Square. Under the agreement with FIAT, it was decided to release as many as three models of cars: VAZ-2101, VAZ-2102 station wagon and a luxury version - the VAZ-2103.

The legend of the Soviet automobile industry

Getting Started

Of course, simply copy the Soviet designers did not become a successful car. Besides elemental ethics, FIAT-124 is simply not suited for use in our conditions. Ground clearance was very small - and hence, the car was virtually unable to function normally on the back roads. The body was found by our experts short-lived, the engine is too weak, the front and rear suspension, it was decided to completely replace.

The legend of the Soviet automobile industry


As a result of the work, the model has changed almost beyond recognition. The ground clearance of the machine became more axle was replaced by a new design. The engine is also replaced with one of the latest developments of Soviet engineers. Generally, only the car was made more than eight hundred changes, both large and small. Therefore, to talk about "penny" how about "stolen" from the Italian designers models to put it mildly, incorrect.

VAZ-2101 was the first major international project of our car industry Besides the internal revisions, little has changed and the appearance of the car. On the left side set the rear view mirror, door handles sunk into the body, making them the risk of injury. The Italians were working on a project on a par with Soviet engineers - VAZ-2101 can safely be called one of the first international projects of this kind.

The legend of the Soviet automobile industry


The first copy of the VAZ-2101 rolled off the assembly line of the Volga plant April 19, 1970. It was a real breakthrough: the machine was a quiet, comfortable on the road and in operation, it has a number of qualities that are not yet implemented in the Soviet Union roads. The interior has been recognized as one of the most comfortable in its class - thanks in part to the end of folding seats and the total volume.

FIAT experts recognized the resulting project is much more successful than the original

FIAT experts recognized the resulting project is much more successful than the original. Many developments have been used by the Italians in other machines: the back roads of the Soviet Union gave the "Westerners" a unique opportunity to assess the strength of their developments on extreme terrain.

The legend of the Soviet automobile industry



Now the machine, passing crash tests with the same success as "penny", just do not let out to the road. At speeds exceeding 60 km / h, the collision with a stationary object turns VAZ-2101 in the present iron coffin. In each of the tests, the wheel turned and the chest of the dummy's head in plastic scraps.

At the time of the release of "penny" it was one of the safest cars in the country

Battered and front passenger, which at least took out his head to the dashboard and rear: the safest forecast - multiple broken ribs. However, in the "penny" the time of release it was one of the safest cars in the country, not least because of the quality of the body assembly.

The legend of the Soviet automobile industry


The first cars VAZ have become a real breakthrough of the Soviet car industry. Petty refinement turned together into one perfect whole: machine able to wind up in the cold without the aid of a bucket of hot water, the plastic interior is not afraid of sunlight, and the cooling system does not allow the antifreeze drain water from the radiator at each parking.

"Lada" have become ideal machine traveler - comfortable and very reliable

Front disc brakes firmly clings to the asphalt - the pedal was no longer necessary utaplivat the floor, applying to this muscular effort. Serpentines were overcome with enthusiasm, that, together with sleeper seats, turned the "Zhiguli" car in perfect person traveling about the country.

The legend of the Soviet automobile industry

on me

The name "Zhiguli" came up with the designer Alexander Black, but it is the people, for some reason, did not get. VAZ-2101 became known as a polite, respectful, and even "edinichka". So it was called up to the early 1990s, when the abundance of new cars dispelled ashes prestige model, at once turning it into a rather condescending "penny". But if, at the time, as much as the designers of the two countries have not collected the most infamous "penny" for a long time to be the best motor vehicle of the Soviet Union, our auto industry would be in much worse shape.