Prince Harry then and now

Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was for the British highlight of the year. However, until a happy-end prince had to go through a lot: the death of his mother, alcoholic and narkomarafony in youth novels under the sights of the paparazzi, the service in Afghanistan. I remember everything that happened with Prince-rebel for 33 years.

Prince Harry then and now

When your mother - Princess Diana

September 15, 1984 to Charles and Diana's son. The appearance of the second boy after senior William noted throughout the United Kingdom, and from that moment the attention of citizens was aimed at little Harry. He grew up, and many noted that Prince look of his mother Diana often called her son "my little Spencer" - by her maiden name. And not just because he was red-haired, like many of his relatives on the maternal side, but also because of its character. "Harry is the same naughty like me", - said the princess.

Prince Harry then and now

Child Princes Harry and William often visited with his mother charitable and volunteer activities. According to The Telegraph, she hoped that it would help his sons feel the real emotions of ordinary people, learn about their hopes and dreams, and this kindness was not feigned.

Harry was a normal childhood - with meatballs and burgers

Prince grew up in the same way as any other child. What he ate for dinner? According to the royal chef Darren McGrady, who then worked in the palace, while the pizza menu to appear from time to time, burgers, spaghetti and meatballs. As McGrady said, "though princes were royals, but they were still children's tastes." However, not only the love of simple food helped William and Harry to feel "normal". Recalls Maygreydi, Princess Diana often hold family dinners, and "dishes were just put in the cupboard, and the children came and imposed themselves a meal, contrary to methods in the palace, where each family member served separately."

The tragedy of the little prince

Family drama to some extent took Harry's childhood. In August 1996, when the prince was 11 years old, his parents divorced from the scandal. A year later, Diana died in a car crash in Paris. Not only is the personal tragedy was a blow for Harry and his brothers - princes were unwittingly involved in a newspaper sensation.

Prince Harry then and now

Over the years, the prince never spoke of this time, and only in 2016. Harry, thinking about the loss of the mother for the first time shared with the BBC: "I'm really sorry that I never spoke on the subject ... In my life for 18 years I never talked about it. "

He wanted to be a bad boy

In September 1998, thirteen Harry after his brother was enrolled in a private school Eton in Berkshire County. Of course, with a bodyguard, who lived in the room next door. Prince Education involves not only lessons, but also a new casual wardrobe: the form of Eton with a black coat, waistcoat strict and rigid collar does not change from the XIX century. However, not everyone was thrilled with the decision to send Harry in Berkshire. According to BBC News, during the life of Princess Diana was "concerned that he might not be so prone to academic pursuits, as Prince William." And, as later he admitted to the Prince, he was not happy with the college: "I did not like to study at Eton. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a bad boy. "

He was raised in the palace of the hype

The last few years at Eton were not easy for the prince. In 2001, the 16-year-old Harry admitted to consuming alcohol and marijuana. On hearing this, Prince Charles persuaded his son to visit the rehabilitation center in south London - Prince on the day I went there to see the consequences of drug addiction. Bill Puddikomb, executive director of the service of drug treatment, recalled: "The Prince arrived a couple of hours and talked to several people about recovery, and heroine addicts. It was very painful for him. " After that, Harry did not just got on pages of newspapers after their parties, but at the same time, he focused on his studies and yet graduated from Eaton in 2003. However, in 2005, 20-year-old prince was again in the center of the scandal. He came to the costume party in a Nazi uniform, for which he was sent by his father to clean the pigsties at one of the royal farms.

Prince Harry then and now

Prince hung out, play tricks on many hours of partying, and in August 2012 with friends in a Las Vegas hotel has played billiards on the strip. Press and subjects branded Prince "black sheep", but as the years passed, Harry continued to vandalize, and at the same time - to show prowess in the army and promote charitable projects of their dead mother.

Media harmed his relationship

Prince Harry has been in the spotlight because of various scandals, but his personal life is also served by paparazzi.

Prince Harry then and now

The most long-lasting and serious relationship bound him with Chelsy Davy. They met in Africa at the time between the end of akademotpuska Harry at Eton College and the service in the army. As later Davey told The Times, it was very difficult. Affair lasted about seven years, but the attention so irked the girl that the couple broke up in 2010. Also completed and following the prince relationship with actress Cressida Bonas. They met in 2012 and 2014, and it ended because Bonas felt strong pressure from the media.

Harry in army

After the personal dramas, in May 2005. The 20-year-old prince joined the British Army and moved to a military base Camp Bestion. He has participated in special operations in Afghanistan, and even eliminated one of the field commanders of the movement "Taliban".

Prince Harry then and now

One day, while the officer in Prince worked with the organization Invictus Games, international sports competitions for soldiers wounded. According to the Today, the prince decided to complete his military service in June 2015, when he wanted to "devote more time to assist the families of the wounded, the fight against AIDS and working with other charitable organizations." Now, he has appeared in news stories, not as a hero of scandals, and as a philanthropist.

The Prince and his passion for charity

After retiring from the army in 2015, Prince Harry appeared regularly at various charity events. Still focused on Invictus Games, Prince, at the same time supported and other organizations to support children in need. In October 2016 a 32-year-old Harry took part in a charity WellChild, which helps sick children and those who care for them. In November, the prince could be found on the youth sports festival in Antigua, where he arrived during a two-week tour to the Caribbean. Here he is, as a child, danced and played soccer and volleyball.

Prince Harry then and now

Harry and his rebellious novel

In 2016, 32-year-old Harry introduced his new love - 35-year-old Meghan Markle - diluted, metiski, an American actress. It is not suitable prince - but the favorite. "We had one meeting, then the second, two dates in London last July - Prince recalled. - And then, after 3-4 weeks, I persuaded Megan to join my charity trip to Botswana. We slept under the stars, and it was fantastic. "

Prince Harry then and now

In November of the same year, Harry spoke about the cruel persecution, which began to face Markle. "Slander on the front page of a national newspaper, the racist overtones comments Journalists blatant sexism and racism on the Internet. Her mother struggled with the photographers to get to the front door, and journalists illegally tried to enter her house - Harry did not hide his emotions while protecting the bride. Wrong, that after just a few months relations Miss Markle subjected to assault from the press. "

Megan could become one of those who broke the persecution and harassment of the paparazzi in social networks, but became the bride of the Prince. "The fact that I fell in love with Megan so fast, it was for me a confirmation that the stars were. It was just a beautiful woman who tripped and fell into my life, and I'm in it - shared prince. - And I know that will cope with everything, what she would have to face. "

Megan + Harry's most talked about wedding of the year

Harry and Megan wedding was held in the chapel of St. George, where the prince was baptized, and was one of the most impressive and touching ceremonies of the year. The Royals turned a blind eye to the origin of Markle (which is now called Her Royal Highness Megan, the Duchess of Sussex) and her previous marriage, but the American still had had to make some sacrifices and concessions, for example, switch from Catholicism to Anglicanism, to abandon the career of actress delete accounts in social networks and forget about the bright nail polish. Instead of all this love and Megan found her prince.

Prince Harry then and now