Settlements, where cars are not popular

In some places where transportation boycott, ban hit, even bicycles, other car is - one of the entire city. Guess who it belongs to? Alternative diverse: donkeys, golf carts, boats and Glacier Express.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

Settlements, where cars are not popular

This village is also called "Dutch Venice", and, as in Venice, the streets in the usual sense of the word here. For homes, standing on one side of the channel, deployed wooden bridges, pretty humpback that allows you to pass under them elektrobotam, the biggest floating craft in Giethoorn. By the way, the whole water transport runs on an electric motor, no diesel.

Such a process is formed as a result of movement of geographic features. In the land where the village stands, is a lot of peat. And when the locals found it, we started to dig it in the most convenient locations. The result is a pit, which gradually become lakes, and then the chain channels. Hence - the forced abandonment of the car and go for water transport.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Settlements, where cars are not popular

In this village, located in the Swiss Alps, too, will not be able to drive a car. The law prohibits the use of machines as well as those pollute the air. However, the prohibition applies to private cars only. In emergency services, public utilities hotels and taxi transport there, but it's electric. Vehicles with internal combustion engines is completely absent. Even the police go on foot, bikes and horseback.

Hydra, Greece

Settlements, where cars are not popular

On the Greek island of Hydra (also known as Hydra), no cars, no motorcycles or scooters. That is, anything that pollute the air with exhaust gases. The reason for that - the status of the reserve, which automatically led to a ban on the use of any motor vehicle. Exception - the only one on the entire island of garbage.

Despite the fact that on a bike ride seem innocuous, in the port area and the old part of the island to use this form of transport is also impossible. Violators face a fine, the amount of which depends on how you have prevented traffic.

Sviyazhsk, Russia

Settlements, where cars are not popular

The size of the island-town Sviyazhsk is only about 1, 5 x 0, 5 km. It is not surprising that public transport is not in sight: to any of the attractions on foot reach, and the whole island is quite possible to get around an hour. For the benefit of walking is the fact that Sviyazhsk is an open air museum. Well acquainted with the sights better not out of the bus window and admiring them in the immediate vicinity.

Taxis on the island are, but to use its services can be just outside the city. As well as cars, buses, taxis stop at the entrance to Sviyazhsk.

Venice, Italy

Settlements, where cars are not popular

This is perhaps one of the most famous cities in the world, where only the bags are moved on wheels. Since 2016 under the ban were even bicycles. This is done to avoid a collision, as well as to relieve the already narrow streets. Violators will have to fork out € 50. If so the authorities decided to ban the two-wheeled transport, what to speak of machines that if they wanted the drivers will not be able to drive through the streets of the city and numerous bridge over the channel. Transportation in Venice only water.

Lamu, Kenya

Settlements, where cars are not popular

By cleverly intertwined narrow streets of the city, located on the same island in the Indian Ocean, the machines do not drive. The only car is a police commissioner. And if the streets were a little wider, travelers risked call here, would have had a hard time: buildings in the city are not numbered, therefore, there is no exact addresses.

Mackinac Island, USA

Settlements, where cars are not popular

The city is part of the State of Michigan and is located on the same island in Lake Huron. It can be reached by plane or boat. And then - on foot or by horse, bicycle.

The use of motorized vehicles is prohibited since 1898. Apparently, the inhabitants of the city turned out to be far-sighted and immediately assumed that with time machines take over the world, and their exhaust gases to anything good will not result. And we decided to protect the island in advance. An exception is made for emergency and maintenance vehicles. They ride around the island are allowed.

La Kumbresita, Argentina

Settlements, where cars are not popular

In a small Argentine village operates a strict policy of eco-tourism: La Kumbresita is exclusively pedestrian. At the entrance to every tourist offer of the village circuit, but the streets are not marked on it, because they simply do not. Guided only by the names of restaurants, hotels, and counting the turns. The main thing - not to lose, otherwise you'll have to come back to the point of origin or to seek a new landmark.

Mdina, Malta

Settlements, where cars are not popular

cars can not be called the city of Mdina, without, as the machine still is here. Just move on them shall be entitled only locals. Entrance by car is prohibited not only tourists, but also the Maltese living in other cities. All in order not to disturb the peace of this "city of peace".

By the way, the capital of Malta, Valletta, is also not so easy to enter. Most of the streets are pedestrianized and the entrance to the historic center - paid. However, the pleasure to travel by car there is still there: in the XVI century, the street was built based on the needs of coaches and riders, so ride on them is extremely problematic.