Famous fathers of the "American Idol"

Only yesterday they were boys with posters, but now escort their children to school. Who educate graduate of the famous reality TV?

Famous fathers of the

Aleksandr Berdnikov - the first "Star Factory"

37 years old, married to Olga Mazhartsevoy

Famous fathers of the

User group "Roots" - father of many children. The first-born musician - Milan daughter - was born in 2010, and after a couple of years in the family has a boy Marseille. In 2016, the couple were born girl twins Rose and Valentine.

Alexander Astashenok - the first "Star Factory"

36 years old, married to Elena Vengrzhinovsky

Famous fathers of the

After the end of the first "Factory" group "Roots", which included Pavel Artemev, Aleksandr Berdnikov Alexey Kabanov and Alexander Astashenok been snapped up, but in 2010 the popularity began to decline, and Artem with Astashenkov left the band and started to participate in productions of "Politeatra" and IRT studio Theater. Astashenok began to play on stage and starred in several television series.

Two years after the completion of the "Factory" Astashonok she married the director of "Roots" Elena Vengrzhinovsky and became a father. His daughter Victoria for 13 years!

Aleksei Kabanov - the first "Star Factory"

35 years old, married to Rosalie Konoyan

Famous fathers of the

and his wife, Alex - another member of "Roots" - met on a social network! And Rose, as well as hundreds of other fans, first wrote a message to Alexei. In the summer of 2013 the pair played a wedding, and a year later their daughter Alice was born.

Pierre Narcisse - "Star Factory 2"

41 years old, married to Valerie Kalacheva

Famous fathers of the

In 2009, Pierre married the singer Valeria Kalacheva, who bore him a daughter, Carolina, Christel. Valeria has repeatedly accused spouse assault and battery, but decided to file for divorce only in 2017, when the mistress of Narcissus, radio host Marianne Suvorov accused him of rape. However, so far it is not known whether the couple finally broke up.

Irakli Pirtskhalava - "Star Factory 2"

40 years old, she was married to Sophia aktrsie Grebenschikova

Famous fathers of the

Irakli - the father of two sons, who gave birth to his ex-wife Sophia Grebenshchikov. In 2014, when the youngest child was two couples, artists divorced.

Stas Peha - "Star Academy 4"

37 years old, she was married to model and DJ Natalia Gorcchakova

Famous fathers of the

Peha no longer lives with his wife, but they are still officially married. In 2014, the family had a son, Peter, and for him, the pair remains on good terms.

Timati - "Star Academy 4"

34 years old, I met with Alena Shishkova

Famous fathers of the

High ratios - it's about Timothy and his ex-girlfriend. In March 2014 the couple had a daughter, Alice, that parents are pampered like a princess. Allen, Timothy and his mother rapper Simon with baby spend a family vacation, and celebrate holidays, but also boast the success of Alice in social networks.

Anton Zatsepin - "Star Academy 4"

36 years old, she was married to journalist Catherine Zatsepina

Famous fathers of the

The daughter of Alexander Marta was born in the second marriage of the singer - with a journalist Catherine Shmyrin. The couple separated when the child did not have three years.