Sleep paralysis: Causes and How to Avoid It

• Sleep paralysis: Causes and How to Avoid

Imagine that you woke up early. You see and hear everything that happens, you can breathe - but did not move. At all. Legs and arms as though frozen, heavy head, a finger does not move. It takes several minutes, during which you have time to believe that he had lost control of his body, and everything becomes good. Sounds scary, right? And this is sleep paralysis. Why it occurs and how to avoid it?

Sleep paralysis: Causes and How to Avoid It

Sleep paralysis - the inability to move or speak while falling asleep or waking up. Statistics show that about half of adults have experienced this at least once in life.

His main reason - lack of sleep. Most often the paralysis suffered by people with narcolepsy - a mental disorder because of the terrible fatigue. The risk is also the students, people who take psychotropic drugs, workers with daily duty, the young mother.

And what happens?

In humans, three types of muscle tissue: cardiac, smooth (we can not control them) and striated (muscles, due to which we are moving). During sleep paralysis, cardiac and smooth muscles are working, but the muscular system is out of control.

Wake up from the inability to move and can be middle of the night, but it usually happens in the morning, if you pulled out of the deep sleep phase. In this phase, the person has no control over his body, but as a rule, in the normal waking she had already passed and you can move normally. Sleep paralysis may be accompanied by nightmarish visions as if a ghost sits on your neck, or someone standing and watching, and you can not do anything. These hallucinations are not enhance paralysis and do not indicate a mental disorder, they go along with the paralysis.

How long it lasts?

This phenomenon is scary just by the description, in fact, sleep paralysis lasts from 15 seconds to several minutes.

Try not to panic: the more you are afraid, the longer it will keep control of your body. If you can breathe and blink, then paralysis of short and we just have to sleep properly.

But is it dangerous?

For most people, this condition is 1-2 times life after severe lack of sleep. But if sleep paralysis happens more than twice a month, it is necessary to address to the neurologist or a sleep. Normally helps long sleep, but some people may need antidepressants.

In children, usually paralysis does not happen, and in adolescents - no longer can. It is better to warn them in advance, but not intimidating. This condition is not harmful to health! And if it was, for example, a partner, you can take his hand and pull in normal life.