Funny errors in historical films

• Curious errors in historical films

Especially attentive fans of the movie to notice every detail during playback. Nothing escapes people who are detail-oriented.

Funny errors in historical films

1. The Green Mile.

The action in the film takes place in 1935 in Louisiana. All death sentences in the "Green Mile" are made with the help of the electric chair. However, in the Louisiana electric chair was not used until 1941.

2. The Imitation Game.

This film is dedicated to the English mathematician - Alan Turing, who tirelessly worked on their own to crack the Enigma code. In fact, he used the help Gordon Welchman, mathematics, whose name is not even mentioned in the film.

3. The Last Samurai.

This film is distinguished by several lyapami. The action in the film takes place in 1876, and in the frame and then flicker US flag with 43 stars. However, the 43 stars on the flag appeared only in 1891, when the states joined the North and South Dakota, Montana, Washington and Idaho.

In Japanese soldiers we see the muskets that can shoot only once, after which they need to be recharged. However, in the movie they're shooting without recharging.

4. Apollo 13

It seems that all is well in this beautiful film about an American astronaut Thomas Kenneth Mattingly. But he did not take part in the rescue mission on Apollo 13. In the photo above you can see the real Ken Mattingly, and the frame of the film actor (Gary Sinis, in the middle), who played him in the rescue mission, "Apollo 13".

5. Troy.

This film is full of bugs, coins, which were placed on the corpse of the eye (the coin at that time did not exist), to an umbrella with metal spokes over the heads of Paris and Helen.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean.

Movies "Pirates of the Caribbean" show events 1740s. In those days, people had problems with fruit. But we can see apples in the film (which was not until 1868), and sweet plantains (which first appeared in 1836).

7. Titanic.

When Jack tried to prevent the suicide of Roses in the beginning of the film, he tells her the story and mentions that once in his native Wisconsin he was fishing on Lake Vissota. But in fact it is an artificial lake did not exist before 1917, ie 6 years after the collapse of the "Titanic".

8. John F. Kennedy. Shots in Dallas.

This film is only stimulated distributors conspiracy theories related to the death of John F. Kennedy. David Ferry has long been accused of murder. In one scene in the hotel Fontainebleau, he makes a "confession". In fact, he never accepted anything and has always denied any involvement.

9. Gladiator.

In the movie "Gladiator" you can see how the ancient Romans carrying gas cylinders on their chariots.

Funny errors in historical films

10. "Braveheart"

Surprisingly, this film is very little to do with real history. In the days of Wallace in Scotland did not wear kilts, and certainly no one painted face paint.