How to get out of difficult situations

How to get out of difficult situations

It's time to share the secrets of the perfect life.

Women have so much any worries. Wash, put, all the feed, but also need to look at 100%. How to do everything and do not fall under the weight of problems? Bring to bear a positive and innovative solutions. They help to keep free time, money and nerves, and most importantly with glitter to get out of any predicament.

1. Practical stand for dryer

How to get out of difficult situations

The bright design and no one would suspect, from which made rack. / Photo:

Beauty - a difficult thing. You need to constantly update the image and use this bunch of cosmetics and all sorts of technical gadgets. Styling often used curling irons and hair iron. In the rush girls sometimes throw hot appliances to furniture that could harm its cover or lying next to spoil the makeup. We suggest to stop this outrage with a conventional water pipe and an old kitchen pot holders. We need to take from your home or a warehouse to buy in any hardware store "knee" of PVC, preferably with an angle of 45 degrees. Kitchen glove turned inside out and tuck edges inserting into one of the tube openings. Now it is possible to safely insert the hair dryer, curling iron or curling. And the second is suitable for combs.

2. The delicate problem of

How to get out of difficult situations

lingerie theme is always current. / Photo:

Many girls like to look spectacular in beautiful outfits, for example with open shoulders. But then once there is one small obstacle: how to hide bra straps from which spoil the whole picture? Of course, it is possible to replace the color in the silicone, but they are still visible and not so aesthetic. But it would be easier just to remove the straps completely. Now beautifully, but dance and move actively dangerous - at any time, a delicate part of the wardrobe can crawl down. And to be trouble! But it is not all that bad. To solve the problem, you need only be applied to the inner surface of the lateral part of the bodice liquid glue. Once it hardens bra will sit much stronger and stop sliding.

3. The second life of the beloved sweater

How to get out of difficult situations

Do not rush to throw away winter clothes. / Photo:

You have bought a great new sweater, but accidentally spoil it? It does not matter, it does not necessarily immediately throw. You can make it a very nice hat. Flatten sweater on the table. From the bottom of a semi-circle cut out the shape of your hat size - turned out just two finished parts. Now, on the edge of the glue is applied to the fabric to dry and give to the two parts are connected together. Gut-wrenching hat inside out and runs along the edge threads. Return to the starting position and sew beautiful bubo. Hat is ready! Similarly, we can make mittens, socks or something else useful.

4. The beauty is, and power is not enough?

How to get out of difficult situations

The woman can solve the problem by itself. / Photo:

I wanted pickles. Passion as wanted. A bank can not open. What to do? You can make your life easier and to use rubber gloves for cleaning. With her cover slip is not a bank, and quickly opened.

5. A simple way to quickly unravel the chain of

How to get out of difficult situations

It is easy and simple. / Photo:

As decorations or folding, they are still confused. This is a sacred rule of thin chains and bracelets. Quickly unravel the knot will help ordinary paper clip and a little talcum powder. Pour on the last confusing place to metal consumption easier. Turn down one edge of the clip and inserting it into the assembly center, begin to gently expand the empty spaces. Only half a minute, and the decoration is again ready to shine on you.

6. Perfect Eyebrow

How to get out of difficult situations

tweezers, pencil and brush from the carcass - a magical way guaranteed. / Photo:

Modern canons of beauty are very strict. And beautiful eyebrows in the system are very important. To make a perfect make-up, sometimes it takes a long time enough. Worth a secret that will help handle much faster and without unnecessary suffering. Take the tweezers for plucking eyebrows and reduce the two parts together. On the edge of their good conduct pencil makeup. Now, let go, and this improvised double brush spend just two straight lines along the top and bottom edge of the eyebrow. It remains only to feather the pencil. For this we use a clean brush for eyelashes.

7. 5-minute readiness

How to get out of difficult situations

Delicious food clean hands is not a hindrance. / Photo:

All day long stood behind the stove, and now have to quickly bring myself up? Outfit ready, make-up, too, but hard hands smell like food. Garlic, onion, fish .... So many things that leave a pungent smell ... Come to the aid toothpaste. Here she is able to return the skin a pleasant fresh scent and get rid of tiny food particles. Enough of all the small pea, again to be fully prepared.

8. The perfect outfit

How to get out of difficult situations

only sleight of hand and nothing else. / Photo:

Stunning image is almost ready. But here's the zipper on her dress buttoned fails. Elementary uncomfortable. Well, if you come to the aid of a beloved man. And if he is waiting on a date on which you are just now going to be late? Find your way out and you can out of this situation. We need to bind to the puller zipper long lace. Now you can pull for him and easily fasten harmful dress.

9. Romance with caution

How to get out of difficult situations

You Burn, burn the candle! / Photo:

Safety first! How to light a candle in a glass or further burner and it does not burn your fingers? All elementary! Spaghetti burn as good matches, so you can set fire to a thin stick and has her light all the hard things.

10. The Adventures of invisible and toothpaste

How to get out of difficult situations

Even small things can sometimes be frustrating. They must be fought. / Photo:

In the morning you want to sleep. And I do not want to work to suffer with a tube of toothpaste, driving all the contents to the top. Can greatly facilitate the process itself and the rest of the household. In this case, it will help ordinary invisible hair. We put it at the bottom of the tube and, pressing, gradually moving up. All pasta will be near the neck.