How easily free up memory on Android

• It is easy to free up memory on your android

How easily free up memory on Android

How to make room on your smartphone.

When you use a mobile device for at least several months, sooner or later there comes a moment when the free memory runs out. This is a very bad moment, because no place on the drive can not do a lot of good and useful things. Worst of all, most of the place is clogged with any nonsense from which should get rid of. Here's how you can do when it comes to Android.

How easily free up memory on Android

It can be a challenge.

Do not underestimate the problem of lack of free space. In fact, the consequences can be severe. If your smartphone has shown a warning message, the user will not be able to install applications, to receive mail, storing photos. However, before you start an audit of your applications, you should assess the scale of the problem.

To clean the space on your smartphone is best to use special applications, such as DiskUsage for Android (or any others like him). These applications show what and how much memory goes in the moment.

Cloud or other medium

How easily free up memory on Android

Transfer photos and video.

The first and easiest thing you can do - is to get rid of the backlog of photos and videos. Remove them is not necessarily enough to transfer to another medium, such as a personal computer, laptop, or send to the cloud. It is also from time to time to check for the existence of photos of the same images taken by accident. These should be removed. The transfer of data to a computer help USB-cable. For SD-cards require a special adapter. Camera pictures often lie in a folder that is in another folder called DCIM. Clearing the cache and limiting streaming applications

How easily free up memory on Android

The big problem with long-term use.

We should not forget about cleaning your Android smartphone cache. These different applications have to be removed from time to time. It concerns first of all the information that is no longer of any value to the user. Clear the cache via the configuration and an overview of all installed applications. There, there is a corresponding function.

It should also be checked from time to time, do not use streaming applications whether too much memory. Adjust the volume used cache streamed applications can be configured accordingly.

"garbage" Cleaning

How easily free up memory on Android

Delete the unnecessary things.

Finally, we must rid of unnecessary files and programs. This is best done with the help of the class "System Cleaner" specialized software. Today, one can find a large number of similar applications. They analyze the smartphone memory and give a full report on applications and other files. Subsequently, the user can decide what to keep and what to get rid.