Interesting facts about "Monopoly" game

• Interesting facts about "Monopoly" game

Monopoly is perhaps the most popular board game. Since its introduction on the market in 1935, it has sold more than 250 million games, and the game was played by over 1 billion people worldwide. One of the most popular board games in history, Monopoly has been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1998. But even if you think you are an expert, there are some little known facts about Monopoly, which may surprise you.

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1. The first version of the game was created by a woman.

Long before Charles Darrow sold his game Parker Brothers, a woman named Lizzie Magie acquired the patent in 1904 for the Landlord's Game game, which looked like a Monopoly game that we know today. In the game players Magee buying property and paying rent. Sounds familiar? Years later, in 1933, Charles Darrow did a few tricks in the idea of ​​Magee and eventually sold the game in 1935.

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2. The Man of Monopoly is the prototype of the tycoon.

It is said that people from Monopoly inspired an influential banker JP Morgan, who helped finance the construction of railways and organized several major corporations, including General Electric.

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3. The bank did not have much money.

Total bank really is only 20 580 dollars in the original version of the game.

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4. Monopoly - a worldwide sensation.

Although the game is based on real places in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Monopoly is indeed a worldwide phenomenon. The game has been sold in 114 countries and translated into 47 languages.

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5. there are many different versions of the game on the market.

It was created more than 300 different versions of the monopoly, including "Star Wars," "Pokemon" and "Game of Thrones".

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6. The longest game lasted more than two months.

If you ever played Monopoly, you know, that may take some time to determine the winner. A typical game should last from 60 to 90 minutes. But the longest consecutive game lasted 70 days.

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7. Some games were cheap.

The original game "Monopoly" is on sale for $ 2. Today, you pay about 18 dollars.

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8. Others will cost a lot more expensive.

The most expensive Monopoly game set created in San - Francisco jeweler, Sidney Mobell. It cost $ 2 million.

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9. The prison - it was good.

Prison may seem the worst place during a game of monopoly, but being locked up can be a winning strategy. According to Natalie Fittssimons, Champion of Great Britain by the monopoly in 2015, at the end of the game is better to sit in jail and collect money from your opponents.