Features of relations in South Korea

Wearer "Peekaboo" Korean named Heon tells about the life and customs of South Korea. She has already written about the appliances, which the people of her country used everywhere, but is new to us. And now she has decided to raise the issue of the relationship between characteristics of young Koreans before the wedding.

Features of relations in South Korea Features of relations in South Korea

1. How to meet?

In Korea, often hold group visits 3 on 3 or 5 on 5. This method is popular among students (age 17-20 years). In Korean universities have lounges, and it often happens that the organizers of such meetings to come and cause comers. Something like this: "Let us three guys from the Faculty of Business and the three girls from the Faculty of Science."

Commonly found in the bar, play a game in the alcoholic and communicate with each other, but often it ends after one of the visits, because they do not have enough time to know the person better. If someone someone liked, then they exchanged phone numbers to meet next time together.

In people older travelers more likely to occur in private. Because they are already fed up with all sorts of alcoholic games and they want a more serious meetings and conversations. Organizer of the meeting is a frequent speaker mutual friend of man and woman. After three meetings to decide whether to continue to meet.

Features of relations in South Korea

2. Problems exterior

Usually there are no couples in which a young man growth is lower than the girl. We have common standards on the appearance of the opposite sex: men beautiful girl should not be thicker than himself, and for women - young man taller than she. Yes, appearance is very important. We have too many people in a small country, and people are always close to each other and pay attention to all: who dressed like who what figure and so on.

Features of relations in South Korea

3. Who will pay for dinner?

I'm not sure how this system works for other generations of Koreans, but at least people my age are trying to pay half. It works, as a rule, so that if a man pays in the restaurant, the woman pays the cafe after lunch / dinner, or vice versa, so it turns out almost the same.

But usually the men are paid more when they first met. Koreans often think that if a guy does not pay on the first date, it is stingy.

Features of relations in South Korea

4. How many days we're a couple?

In Korea, we must be sure to specify whether or not you meet. It often happens that a man walking with a woman without serious intentions, so Koreans prefer to clarify as follows: "From today, the first day of official relations." Now it's her official young people.

And it is necessary to celebrate anniversaries. They often say: 100 days relations, relations 200 days, 1 year, 2 years and so on. There's even an app that counts the days. We have so it is important to celebrate these dates. On this day, couples test their feelings with flowers and gifts. And if someone forgets an anniversary, all! Resentment ...

On the anniversary is accepted to book a nice restaurant and spend the whole day together and go on a journey of two days and one night. After celebrating necessarily have to upload a photo with hashtags like # myvmeste100dney, and # # davaydolgo otmechaem200dney.

Features of relations in South Korea

5. Couples want the same thing

The cause is unknown. But couples often buy similar things - for example, clothing, cell phone cases. Although they are not married, often wear a ring on the ring finger. Everyone is trying to show that he is not alone. We are a couple!

Features of relations in South Korea

6. How to meet?

Meet with your boyfriend or girlfriend home - is, of course, great ... Only the Korean problem is that young people tend to live with their parents, and we have not decided to provide them with a soul mate to a serious relationship or marriage. (Why do Koreans live with their parents? Because it is too expensive, and the pledge of a very large property for rent apartments in Korea.)

His young man or woman are parents only when going to marry. Therefore, it is impossible to meet before the wedding house. Here are a couple and go for the cafe and restaurants. And when they want to make love, you rent a room in a motel for 4 hours or overnight, and tell parents that they were going to spend the night to friends. In Russia, he is rarely seen these hotels, but in Korea, where a lot of people, there is always the motels (a lot of them) and their luminous signs are visible from afar. Night in Korea are clearly visible everywhere motels and Cross Church, as in the photo.

Features of relations in South Korea

7. "Boys and girls can not sit together, after they were 7 years old,"

The teachings of Confucius stipulates that men and women should not sit together with the age of seven. Confucianism in Korea is common during the Joseon Dynasty, and it is one of its rules. The main purpose of the rules - to prevent the contact of women with men. Now it is irrelevant, but because of the influence of Confucianism my parents' generation were current in separate schools for boys and girls. When a young girl and a man starts to walk together, it can be a cause for speculation and rumors for a woman - it is a problem.

We usually hide the fact that we meet with someone, maybe because of this old Confucian rules. We do not want to receive the condemnation of their parents. Although parents know that their son has a young man or woman, the children just do not tell them that went out on a date.

Features of relations in South Korea

8. Friends and girlfriend

When forming a pair, the young man can no longer communicate with the other girls, and his girlfriend - with the other guys. And all because that in Korea, most people believe that the friendship with the opposite sex is not possible.

Features of relations in South Korea

9. Army

In Korea, the most difficult time for the couple when a young man goes to serve in the army (21 months for the Army and 24 months for the Navy). Military service is obligatory for the Koreans, and many young couples parted ways after 17 months.

While your young man is, made to wear rubber shoes. Rubber shoes ugly and it is inconvenient to walk for a long time, so it became a symbol of the girls who are waiting for the guy from the army.

10. Sayings

For women, there is a saying: "After a shitty machine is" Mercedes-Benz "." This means that there will be better after a poor young man, and all will be well.

Between the two stations need to change trains. We call transfer cases when someone changes the partner. Usually after leaving and before the start of new relationships pause, because it takes time to mentally say goodbye to the past and to "pull" it from your heart. And someone just after the break starts dating a new man. This is what we call a "quick change".