The shortest military campaigns in history

• The shortest military campaigns in the history of

Against the backdrop of the Seven, or even Thirty Hundred Years' War, all other global confrontation seem very insignificant. However, many lightning battles influenced the development of the modern world to a much greater extent. One of the first followers of the tactics of blitzkrieg was Napoleon Bonaparte, who in 1814 took less than a week to break the army of Field Marshal Blucher. A series of battles that began February 12 became known as the "Six Day War". We have prepared a short review of this and other most fleeting military campaigns in history.

The shortest military campaigns in history

Six-Day War

The shortest military campaigns in history


The secret of such a rapid victory of the French commander - Flawless strategy. Allied Prussian-Russian troops outnumbered French army several times, but the big role is not played. Napoleon's plan was based on a fairly simple premise: divide and conquer. Emperor attacked the scattered Silesian housing on the march, putting in each hit full power of its own army. As a result, the troops of Blucher was only saved by a feverish retreat, and Bonaparte ended the war only six days.

Falklands War

The shortest military campaigns in history


The reason for the fierce, albeit brief confrontation of Argentina and the United Kingdom became the Falkland Islands. And neither one nor the other side of the war, this conflict is not officially recognized, called the events "to regain control of its legitimate territory." In less than 74 days British troops won a decisive victory, leaving control of the Falklands with him.

The Second Balkan War

The shortest military campaigns in history


Short duration (a month), but very bloody Second Balkan War began through the efforts of the two countries: Germany and Austria-Hungary. Formed the Balkan League was extremely beneficial to these countries: more sophisticated political provocations - and discontented section of the territory of Bulgaria have attacked Serbia and Greece. The result was a crushing defeat of Bulgaria. Balkan union itself, respectively, sank into oblivion. More importantly, signed at the end of hostilities a peace treaty seriously changed the entire political situation in the Balkans, the exacerbation of which was one of the main preconditions for the beginning of the First World War.

Sino-Vietnamese War

The shortest military campaigns in history


The armed conflict between China and Vietnam has made history as the first war among socialist countries. Despite numerous political notes and warnings, Vietnamese troops invaded Cambodia. China reacted immediately: because the higher ranks of the ruling party were, of course, it is not interested in the emergence of a strong state borders, how could easily become Vietnam. According to independent experts, in 27 days of war, both sides have lost about 40 000 soldiers. He graduated from the fighting as strange as it began. China claimed that all the tasks have been carried out in the course of military operations. Vietnam also reported to the extremely successful reflection of all enemy attacks. We won everything.

Christmas War

The shortest military campaigns in history


She Agasherskaya - on the name of the area for which inflamed an armed confrontation between Mali and Burkina Faso. Take rich in natural resources (oil and gas), the territory sought both states, each of which Agasherskaya band could be considered almost a godsend. From total destruction aggressive African peoples was only saved by the intervention of the Organization of African Unity. The result was an intense confrontation UN Solomonic solution: Agasherskuyu territory simply divided equally.