How to use a compass

• How to use a compass

Compass - a true friend and fellow fans to wander away into the forest, and in a snowstorm thicker. Without this cunning device to survive in the wild will be quite difficult. But few have it - must also be able to use it.

How to use a compass

Where is that

First of all, you just need to understand what makes up a compass. You can certainly do without it, but it will be more difficult to use - why?

Main board - transparent plastic, which is fastened himself compass.

Arrow direction of movement - arrow pointing where to go.

The compass ring - transparent ring uzilische magnetic needle.

Scale divisions - whirling arc, divided into 360 degrees.

Magnetic arrow - rotates inside a compass.

Arrow direction - not magnetized needle.

a guide line - the line in the main panel, laid parallel to the direction of the arrow.

How to use a compass

Where is we

So now it's time to figure out which is which side of the world. It's easy: place the compass on a flat surface, taking care to clean out magnets and metal objects. The acute part of the arrow shows North. Respectively, will be behind the south, left the West right East.

How to use a compass

And where do we go

The forest is particularly important to understand the direction of movement. For this is also nice compass: rotate it until the arrow direction matches the direction of motion. Now rotate the arc of division, ensuring setting of the needle to the north. Generally speaking, the parties need to determine the light before entering the forest. Understanding the direction in which you move, go back to simple.

How to use a compass

Amendment to the wind

Remember, the northern geographic and magnetic north pole is not the same. The compass needle does not always show the north - the south you are, the less will have to make allowances.

How to use a compass

Keep exactly

It is quite important to properly hold the compass. It's easy: just put it on the palm and held it to his chest, trying not to tilt.