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June 15, 2015 passed away well-known singer, TV presenter and actress Zhanna Friske. Her tragic premature death raised new wave of rumors about the evil fate that had haunted many actors who starred in the "Night Watch" and "Day Watch" - the most famous films with Jeanne Friske. Is it true that most of them really persecuted trouble and tragedy - or is it just one of the legends that had grown a cult film by Timur Bekmambetov?

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After the film Alexei Balabanov "Brother 2", which in 2000 grossed more than $ 1 million over four years in the top ten box office is not got no home movie, while in July 2004 did not come out, "Night Watch" Timur Bekmambetov. Critics called it the first Russian blockbuster, and the first successful project of the new Russian cinema, which began with the revival of interest of spectators to the national cinema.

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Constantine Habensky in the film Night Watch * * 2004

"Night Watch" became a box-office record-breaker - with a budget of 4, $ 2 million film grossed 16, 03 million dollars in Russia and 17, 87 - abroad, becoming the only Russian film has paid off better abroad than at home. Moreover, while none of the Hollywood project did not collect such a large amount on the territory of the former Soviet Union. "Night Watch" bypassed "Lord of the Rings," "Troy", "The Day After Tomorrow," "King Arthur" and "Van Helsing." He established and another record: the film was a lot of computer graphics, for which 13 studios and more than 100 specialists were involved.

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Vladimir Menshov and Alexei Maklakov in the film Night Watch * * 2004

Still, there were rumors in the filming that with all sorts of vermin to be trifled with. A series of misfortunes that have befallen many of the participants in this project, forced to talk about what treatment to the subject as though awakened by evil forces. On the film badly sprained foot starred Maria Poroshina - it was her first injury in the movie. During filming, the actor Alexei Maklakov mother died - she had a stroke, when none of the family was not at home. He soon suffered a minor heart attack. Maklakov later said: "I am now convinced that these shots we stirred up some scary power. I feel that's dangerous to play with them. " One of the producers, Alexei Kublitskii father died. The same misfortune befell and Constantine Knightley. However, it should be noted that the actor has never linked the tragic events of his life with the shooting of this film.

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The famous actress Rimma Markova in "Night Watch" has played a witch. Shortly after the shooting, she landed in the hospital and was on the verge of life and death. The actress later told me: "I'm the piece of the role that I was given to read, and I realized that this woman - witch. I thought it just crook. It was only after the premiere learned that several actresses, including Lia Akhedzhakova until I refused to play the role of a self-fulfilling fear the curse of evil ... ".

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Rimma Markova in the film Night Watch * * 2004 In an interview, the actress admitted that she refused to play a witch, if I knew what the disease then it will fall. Shortly after the shooting, she was in the hospital with severe pneumonia, and after 11 years Rimma Markova died of cancer. As well as Valery Zolotukhin (8 years after the release of "Watch"), who got the role of a vampire. By the way, he was not afraid of these roles: "The believer is a person unknown to fear. I did a lot before playing any evil, and no one is bothered. Well, somebody has to play devil, Baba Yaga, Koshchey Immortal! Why fear? Crossed - and with God! I asked the blessing of the priest - and play! After all, I did not become a vampire! Fear is only one - it is bad to play. "

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Zhanna Friske on the set of the movie

Another actress who the witch, Anna Dubrovskaya told: "During filming, seriously ill, the temperature was 41 degrees. This to me has never happened! This role as a tormented me - in a spiritual sense. Since then, if some picture of the topic of evil spirits, or do I refuse to play or take a blessing from the priest ... The director urged me for a long time to appear in the second film, but I did not want that. I used to in what is not believed, but on the set felt that some forces still there, and with them it is better not to play games. " Zhanna Friske also admitted that after the shooting regretted his decision to play a witch - shortly after the release of the film, she almost drowned while swimming in the sea.

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Yuri Ayzenshpis

During filming, she complained of feeling unwell and musical producer Yuri Ayzenshpis, who played in the film supporting role "dark" magician. Even before the work on the second film - "Day Watch" - he died of acute heart failure.

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Actor Nicholas Olyalin

Heart problems during the filming began and actor Nicholas Olyalin - because of poor health he was not even able to attend the premiere of the film. In this role, he agreed immediately, as later recalled: "When I was invited to the role of the Inquisitor, I thought. If the Inquisitor - the image of the devil, I somehow not on itself. But I suggested to the director to look at the Inquisitor as a dual character: it is as if the Apostle settles disputes as to adjusts the balance between Good and Evil. In this sense, my role did not seem to me some terrible. Here is a mystical, maybe. He explained his understanding of the director, and he decided to make a "double-I" - one spiritual, the other - gloomy. Asked the director to call me in the film is not the Inquisitor, I do not know what the result was. I - a believer, but the blessing of the role did not ask: the film is not so much seditious ". A 4 years after the release of "Day Watch" Olyalin died of a heart attack.

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Ilya Lagutenko and Konstantin Habensky while filming

Skeptics to talk about the "curse" of the film "Night Watch" is treated with irony. Like, if you keep such statistics for each film, it turns out that during or after shooting with the actors, too, the event of accidents - people get sick and die, regardless of what make films. Each year, oncology claiming the lives of dozens of actors, and many of them go into adulthood - and there is nothing to look for mysticism. However, these rumors are constantly appear around certain roles and films. For example, any statement of "Wii" or "Master and Margarita" has always been to such legends of life.

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Zhanna Friske, Victor Wierzbicki and Konstantin Habensky while filming

Some of the actors involved in such projects, explains the tragic accident is only the power of auto-suggestion and superstition. Thus, Benjamin Laughter, who played the role of Woland in the formulation of the Taganka Theater, said: "I was afraid to play this character. But I do not defend himself - no amulets! - Did what he could to cross before going on stage ... I think when you are truly in love with your character, you can see in it only the image, not the real evil force, the mystic retreats. If you do not allow yourself to think about the negative, attitude to work with full dedication and with a sober mind, nothing bad will happen. At least with me nothing bad happened. "