"Office Romance": the history of the transformation of the main character turned the minds of many "blue stockings"

Cinderella story in all its variations will be popular at all times. And the history of the transformation of unattractive boss-nuts in the sexual beauty-fashionista - all the more. That is why the image of Ludmila Kalugin Prokofyevna of "Office Romance" made such a strong impression on a whole generation of Soviet women. But whether it was easy to create it and move to the screen? Yes and no.

The other contenders could not be

On the role of Kalugin Alisa Freundlich, as well as other performers key roles taken without trial. In Ryazanov were no other candidates: firstly, only Alice Brunovna, in his view, the ideal would play a reincarnation of the gruff workaholic in a spectacular beauty, secondly, an invitation to the shooting in "office romances" was like a compensation for it a failed part in other paintings Ryazanov. For example, in the "Hussar Ballad" Alice Freundlich played great sample, but at the last moment it was still decided not to risk it, because in her way-Hussar boys still unwittingly guessed something feminine.

Lyudmila Prokofyevna role, no doubt, going to be and the characteristic and interesting, so Freundlich happy to go to this experiment.

The image of the point hit

To create an image of Kalugin, actress reviewed dozens of outfits "Mosfilm" and chose the most nondescript and shabby suit. In the picture of the operator were scattered around the old glasses in a dark thick-rimmed, and he suggested the actress suit. Points perfectly complement the image of old-fashioned dressed boss, becoming the most recognizable element in its image.

If the movie "mymra" specially produces elegant gait, the actress who played her, on the contrary, had to train in order to portray as go angular, rough to the official, because in life it was very elegant. It is in our time a female boss, as a rule, visiting beauty salons and dressed immaculately. In Soviet times, the same institutions were many such "mymra" so that the examples to follow the actress missed.

The outfit, which Kalugin was supposed to appear at work after his transformation, sewed of half-woolen plaid in the House of models specially designed for the film sketches. The dress guess the flying image of American actresses of the postwar period (narrow waist, full skirt), which in the minds of many Soviet women of that time entrenched as a symbol of charming beauty.

In order to show the image of a high official's status, the filmmakers have chosen and the corresponding house. Kalugin, of course, could not live on the edge as secretary Vera, and, especially in the suburbs as an ordinary employee of Olenka. Therefore, it is housed in a brick of 12 etazhke Nikitskaya. By the time it was one of the most prestigious new homes in the center of Moscow, where they lived nomenklatura, big bosses, as well as prominent figures in the arts.

Complement the image of a wealthy and minor official's seemingly touches. For example, before a telephone conversation with Novoseltsev Kalugin wipes the dust from the chandeliers. These crystal chandeliers with pendants at the turn of 70-80-ies were all the rage and considered a symbol of security owners. As if by chance, and shows the deficiency and modern at the time the equipment in her apartment. All this further emphasizes the loneliness of a woman who has everything except happiness.


On the set of

Eldar Ryazanov realized that Alisa Freundlich - mostly theater actress and set her to work not so comfortable on stage. He also correctly noted that to get used to the image of uncouth "mymry" - it is not momentary, and to shoot the film, as is customary in the movies, small segments when the scene jump chronologically, in this case, will not succeed. The same can not play mymra Freundlich morning, in the evening - in love flirt with hair and makeup, and the next morning - again mymra. Therefore, the director decided to depart from the rules and take a picture, in the order in which events are, big long overhangs. In addition, during scenes involving Kalugin camera stand so that there were not too prominent actress, and close-ups of the operators did not in isolation but in the process of shooting. Through this Alisa Freundlich could feel comfortable.

During the dialogue the director allowed the actors to improvise. Especially creatively Freundlich and her partner Mjagkov behaved during a scene in the house Kalugin: whole piece of film - one big improvisation. That's right, almost by accident, born of the famous dialogue: "I have a proposition for you." "Rationalization?"

The idol of Soviet women and a landmark for the clerk

After the film, the actress received letters from the sea of ​​Soviet women. They wrote that Lyudmila Prokofyevna in a new way - their idol. Spectators-the dressmaker while watching a movie rubbings contours of her dress and then tried to make a similar pattern to sew yourself something similar. A visitor's hairdresser asked the master to do her hair, "like Kalugin." I must say that Kalugin dress later repeatedly flashed in several Soviet motion pictures, but only in "office romances" it produced a furor in the audience, playing on the contrast with the previous dull suit.

By the way, another fun fact. Observed that it was after the appearance on the movie screens, "Office Romance", many Soviet boss, never follow their appearance, learned in her self-image, and followed her example - to change the image. Really did not want the boss to subordinate, too Viewers of the film, on the sidelines of the ministries and departments compared them to the heroine! As a result, institutions became much more elegant, fashionably dressed clerk.

This is so well thought up the character and the image turned the minds of many "blue stockings". Alas, after the film of the USSR State Prize for some reason got almost all the key figures in the picture, except Alice Brunovny. However, it is not very offended, as in Soviet times such injustice happens all the time, and none of the actors are not surprised. But Alice Freundlich was then named best actress by the magazine "Soviet Screen", which was a truly national recognition.