Incredible creatures that were fake

Even if you're not too superstitious, we are willing to bet on these frames you goose bumps run back. Fortunately, all of these mysterious creatures - just fakes. Well, we think so ...

Dead mermaid on the beach

Incredible creatures that were fake

It all started with video. The operator in the quiet walks on the beach, yet as if by chance, does not notice the strange body, a beached wave. He comes closer and sees the corpse of a mysterious creature - the upper part belongs to the man, but the bottom - fish. Mermaid froze on her elbows, her hair ruffled by the wind, his face distorted ... It creates an overall impression that it is real.

What is actually

It is real. We have in mind that this is not a mermaid drawing Photoshop, and it is a real sculpture of a famous artist Juan Cabana (Juan Cabana). In his works, "a modern Frankenstein" using dead fish and human skeletons. Specifically, this sculpture called "Nerina" - and it has already sold for $ 10,000. So be kind of crazy in our time is very profitable!

"stick insect" climb on the house

Video appeared on the Web in 2013 and almost immediately gained a few thousand views, and a week went by millions! Description reads as follows: "We know little about the strange creature. It was "caught" on camera several times. Spider climbs on the creation of a building in Russia. "

Looking at this video certainly did not want to be a resident of the house - in the industrial climber "it" does not look like. Limb monster stretched to cover several floors. It dubbed "Samara stick insects." What is actually

Meet, 3D-animator Dmitry Kataev from Samara, "the creator of" monster. Dmitry tells how he woke up early, looked at the house across the street and the idea of ​​the monster came into his head that climbs straight up the wall of the house.

"Stick insects is made on the basis of Slender Man - the character of urban legends", - says Dmitry. Monster drawing left about an hour, but the fact to add shadows and reflections in the windows, had to spend more time. Dmitry admits he did not expect such success.

Slender Man

Incredible creatures that were fake

"We did not want to go, did not want to kill them, but his stubborn silence and outstretched arms simultaneously frightening and reassuring us ... / 1983, photographer unknown, presumed dead".

Slender Man or "The Thin Man" as it is called, - the character of urban legends, which gained world fame. On it make films, people from around the world send photographic evidence of his existence.

Slender looks really scary: very tall, with long, thin arms, but without a face, he wears a suit and tie. According to legend, "The Thin Man" pursues children.

What is in fact

"Father" Slender Man name is Victor Surge (Victor Surge), and when he created his creation, had not expected that the Slender become a huge franchise: movies, video games ... It all started with a contest for the Something Awful forums. According to the terms, participants were asked to create a graphical editor based on conventional photographs eerie, adding to them the frightening part. So there was a thin man ... His photographs furor, and Victor continued working on assembling and character descriptions. Later he was joined by other members of the forum.

Forest ghoul from Louisiana

Incredible creatures that were fake

The Deer Hunter of the US posted a video on the hunting site Wildgame Innovations. The man admitted that the glowing eyes in the forest - not what you want to see at night.

The photo was taken in Berwick, Louisiana. The photographer has chosen to remain anonymous. Hunter claimed that the fear he broke the camera and ran away, but after he was able to extract a picture from a memory card that has remained intact.

What is in fact

"Z" - common sense and mysterious pictures - the bread and salt of modern mystifies. Imagine that you are in the woods ran across a similar establishment. For starters, if you are a deer hunter, you probably have something like a gun. Unless you're a fan of hunting spear. The man with the gun must be braver than people without it, right? But even if we assume that you are so frightened that threw the camera and a gun (do not forget to take a picture), and disappeared with the terrible night the place would be for you to come back the darkness to find your camera? Unlikely.

According to rumors, the creature - comes out of the frame of the American science fiction film "Super 8," directed by JJ Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg...

The largest Hawaiian cane spider

Incredible creatures that were fake

Position the on the wall as if each day creeps bask in the sun. Someone claims that this is a Hawaiian cane spider, which has grown to the size of a small car. What is in fact

Let's start with the fact that, from a biological point of view, spiders, most of which are quite harmless creatures just physically can not grow to such proportions. Can you imagine how much he would have to eat in order to maintain power? Nature hates nonsense.

So the answer is simple: Paul Santa Maria (Paul Santa Maria) plus Photoshop. The artist, however, do not even try to convince someone that a real spider, and showed a picture, which he used as a prototype.

from the Sea Monster

Incredible creatures that were fake

Do you want to be honest? At sea, the already terrible creatures, so there is no need to invent new ones. In this photo fishermen allegedly dragged out of the waves huge toothy snake.

What is in fact

The original picture fishermen pulling out of the sea network. Probably, the fish, but not a monster. The picture with the monster was created by a man named Alan Frizvell, which also states that no one wanted to be misleading - the picture he needed as an illustration to the material about sea serpents.

Remember: in the age of high technology, even something that seems very real, has a simple rational explanation.