"Lost World", or six of the most bizarre hotels on trees

Summer, holiday, vacation. Each of us has their own idea of ​​the perfect, luxurious, traditional, wild or exotic vacation. That's just about the last we would like to tell you in this article. Today we offer our readers acquainted with the quaint hotel in the world - the hotel built in the trees.

And believe me, this is not a flimsy tents or birdhouse on the trees, it is a question, sometimes, of the most luxurious vacation. Thus, six of the most stunning hotels in the trees.

Fantastic "Harads" Sweden

If you decide to change deep-rooted habit to spend their vacation by the sea, then you should go to Sweden. Magic Lapland will give you a holiday in a fabulous eco-lodges in the trees. The most popular among tourists number titled "Mirror Cube". And the name speaks for itself. The walls are made of a special mirror glass. They create a fantastic effect - a romantic house for two as if dissolved in the trees.

And from the windows you can see the northern lights, which is consistent in itself a great pleasure. And if you're traveling with your family, you can settle in the room with a very family name "Bird's Nest". It is completely overgrown with branches and by truly looks like a cozy nest, which can comfortably accommodate mom, dad and two kids.

Spherical hotel "Tree Spirit Spheres", Vancouver Island, Canada

Do you want to feel like a bird? Then you definitely need to visit the hotel "Tree Spirit Spheres" on Vancouver Island in Canada. Those who were lucky enough to be there, otherwise as "Lullaby for the birds," it is not called. Each room - a wooden sphere suspended at a height of 3 to 4 meters above the ground.

They are fixed by means of elastic ropes which evenly distribute the load of 3 trees. The Hotel has three comfortable guest rooms, "Eve," "Erin" and "Melody". And as a bonus - each area is equipped with built-in speakers, which makes it possible "hang" between the branches of your favorite music.

The greenest "Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa", Australia

In the ancient Daintree rainforest in North Queensland located hotel "Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa". It corresponds to the highest environmental standards, using solar energy, and its territory is an organic farm to grow its own food, which you can evaluate the quality of the restaurant, "hanging" over the lagoon

Houses on the trees, "Kadir's Tree Houses", Olympos, Turkey

The whole village of 300 houses, equipped on the trees, is located on the territory of the former ancient Turkish city, in the heart of the national park "Olympos". Vacation there - it is a unique opportunity to return to childhood and to live in a tree house, which is almost every dream as a child. Houses, designed to accommodate the five of us, as if strung on a trunk of a huge tree.

"Playa Viva" Apartment on the tree - Huluchuka, Mexico

In the Mexican state of Guerrero for the most crowns of tall trees placed bamboo duplex apartment eco-hotel "Playa Viva", covering an area of ​​65 square meters. Unforgettable views of the ocean, yoga, massage and natural food of grown right there on-site products, the possibility to go hiking, scuba diving or fishing - all at your disposal in one of the most amazing and luxurious hotels on the tree.

House of the coffee tree, "Tranquil Resort" - Sulthan Bathery, India

In the jungles of Kerala, on the territory of coffee and vanilla plantations, the hotel is located, in which at a height of 14 meters are located spacious house from the coffee tree. Holidays with a taste of coffee "Tranquil Resort" will be remembered more, and walks in the plantation, an opportunity to go on safari in open jeeps or small water travel by canoe. Not far from the resort 10 km from the famous watchtower Salten Battery. If you're in love, you should definitely visit in Sulthan Bathery, for "Tranquil Resort" is considered one of the best places for a romantic trip for two.