What is causing confusion among residents of other countries in the Russian summer

- No, today I can not. We are today the whole family are going to the country.

- Which way?

- On asphalt (k / f "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears").


What is causing confusion among residents of other countries in the Russian summer

As soon as the snow melts and starts to turn green grass, like a Russian opens the holiday season. Russian dacha - is in most cases not a place of rest. After working five days a week, the townspeople go out of town, where during the weekend digging, planting, watering, pull weeds tirelessly. And on Sunday evening return to the city. In traffic jams. And so on until late autumn.

Ferdinando de Fenzi, Italy

"Surprising contrasts: the patriarchal kind old woman on a street corner selling fruit from his garden to feed themselves, and right there on the avenues sweep expensive cars ..."

Ar Marc, France:

"I really like the Russian dacha, I want to write a book about the gardens. This must be done in the near future, because they will soon disappear - modern girls will not planted cucumbers. I want to drive the car for the whole of Russia, buy in every village grandmothers berries and cook the jam. "

Jack Millstone, United States:

"Days of the country took place slowly and lazily. Against the background of apple trees and raspberry bushes, daisies and trees I've been collecting grass clippings, sawed wood chainsaw and read about rituals Zapotec, while my son slept peacefully in the shade ... If somewhere there is a heaven, giving very like him. The only thing - in the garden, most likely, for lunch given something other than soup. "

The hot weather

What is causing confusion among residents of other countries in the Russian summer

Frost - that's what most foreigners associate with Russia. And if cold, they are prepared in advance, warm, and the more hot weather in the summer it becomes for them a big surprise. Although they seem to know that we have our own beach resorts, but apparently the reason that once we are able to swim in the hole in the middle of winter, why can not swim in the cold sea?

Lindsay Hardy, UK:

"I was expecting a cold winter and warm summer in September, when the temperature was about +20 ° C, it was quite unexpected. I remember the first snow fell on October 15, the day of my mother's birth, when we only fall leaves. I really liked the weather, and winter too, because you can feel all seasons and see the beauty of the seasons. "

Wiki Hoof, UK:

"The only negative in Russia - a short summer. Therefore, when it's warmer months, people tend to like the time you can have fun. I'm ashamed to admit it, but before coming to Russia, I think that is not the case of the summer. Then it appeared that summer in Russia better than we do. "

Mohamed Tahar Asses, Algeria:

"If we talk about the first impression, that in my country they say:" It's cold as Siberia "- so I did not expect that there will be so hot!"

Disabling hot water

What is causing confusion among residents of other countries in the Russian summer

Abroad is simple: in the house or hot water or not. The case when it is switched off at the most inopportune moment, only Russia can happen perhaps. Foreigners do not understand why and for what in this case takes the money hotel. Jesus, USA

"I did not know that there is switched off the hot water, until this day has come. I told this to my colleagues, and they asked me to do something that makes some Russian men. Namely - to take an icy shower, loudly singing a song: say, it helps to remember that water ice. I tried, but to no avail. Singing of My Girl By The Temptations as loudly as possible had no effect. Maybe you recommend me another song? "


What is causing confusion among residents of other countries in the Russian summer

Aliens sincerely wonder why Russian so much trouble: it is necessary to collect mushrooms, go through, cook ... It is much easier to buy in the local supermarket! But no, the Russian are not looking for easy ways. And the penalties for illegal collection and exhaust fumes of cars passing by them do not scare. As the likelihood of poisoning.

parsjukin users online Yaplakal:

"We walked around the forest park in Switzerland. (My sister is married to a Swiss.) I saw a whole meadow mushrooms! Next to the track. I began to tear and fill in the comer a plastic bag. The Swiss began to be indignant: this is a public park ...

- What will you do with them?

- There is!

- These mushrooms do not eat!

- try it yourself! Language swallow!

- I have them I will not ...

House to ensure broth and fried, adding boiled potatoes ... purely mechanically and put his portion ... He sat down and began to gently poke ... trying ... As a result, I ate everything and even my sister something fished out from a plate ... Next year Swiss tore himself there mushrooms in two hands! "

Hot tea

What is causing confusion among residents of other countries in the Russian summer

Ice cream in -30 ℃ and hot tea to + 30 ℃ - the mysterious Russian soul foreigners do not understand. But even more difficult to digest the fact that this same Russian tea ready to drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It turns out that Russian drink not only vodka.

Charles Thompson, USA

"On my first day in Russia ... it was terrible heat. I lived in a small room without air conditioning. On that day, it was 35 ° C, but the first thing I was offered hot tea - it is in this heat! I was stunned and asked for plain water, but it was not there. "

Home blank

What is causing confusion among residents of other countries in the Russian summer

Personally made pickles and jams in Russia are ready to treat almost every home. Marinated tomatoes, canned salads, jam for Russian housewives - a special source of pride. Let all the same you can buy in the supermarket, the - delicious.

belan_olga User "Live Journal":

"My friend Cathy, who, incidentally, has Russian roots, for some reason thought that the traditional Russian food with bear meat is soaked cranberries ... But most of all she just battled my most usual pickles. Of course, America is full of all kinds of pickles, but there is always salt-pickled with sugar and vinegar. Our own pickled cucumbers occurred because the taste of Washington's friends, they even took a jar. "

Dasha Walter, website The Question.ru:

"It's funny, but the most favorite Russian dish most of my foreign friends - marinated and pickled cucumbers. And they are in one form or another exist in many kitchens, but friends who have tried them in Russia, saying that tastes have not eaten. "

Features summer diet

What is causing confusion among residents of other countries in the Russian summer

The food, which is prepared Russian mistress in the summer, deserves special attention.

Johan Mott, DC:

"That's the Russian cold soup - okroshka. I once suggested to try it, and I'm a long time could not understand: this is a joke? It's all the same, that any salad pour Coke and say that this is a special national dish! "

Pei Xia, Vietnam:

"I'm a little unclear whether this dish, or drink - jelly. I do not know how to treat it. This is not the jelly and not a Russian juice, it's somewhere in between. At first I even want to dilute it with boiled water to make it similar to the juice. But I was told that the viscous mass is necessary to drink as it is. "

Ana Lucia Gomez da Silva, Brazil

"Our Russian grandmother ... often offers a taste of cucumbers from the country. And we do not eat raw cucumbers! It's like eating raw eggplant. "

Ammar Alansaari, UAE:

"I'm a fan of buckwheat, buckwheat eat every morning. A compote and juice I had instead of blood. "