Relationship jeopardized if ...

Relationship jeopardized if ...

body language experts are sure that the problems in the relationship, and following them the gap can be prevented, if you learn to read the "signs". About alarm bell that gives your first boyfriend with body language, talking more.

You do not walk more as a team

It's not even about to hold hands - experts advise to look at Kate Middleton and Prince William, whose steps are synchronized literally. When a couple goes side by side, as if by an invisible one line - this is a very good sign, but if someone is running ahead or trying to rush to the other side - mean in a relationship exists, at least, uncomfortable.

You literally step back from each other physically

If everything is OK in a relationship, partners are kept at a distance from zero to 45 centimeters apart. If not, one or both of them, fade away in any situation.

The pupils constrict

If your partner is sexually attracted to you, then looking up at him, her pupils will dilate involuntarily. This is due to hormone release and takes place unconsciously, so is a sure indicator that there is chemistry, or are no longer among you.

You or he closes

Simply put, cross their arms or legs, talking to partner. In fact, all the closed posture talk about wanting to protect themselves or to distance.

You or He grins

If your partner tells you something and you can not help but grin, this suggests that you doubt what has been said (or the partner), or do not believe him. By the way, this symbol applies not only to personal relationships but also on communication between people in general.

You patting each other on the shoulder

In the gesture there is nothing criminal, but if instead embrace partners "support" each other in such a way, it says that you no longer perceive each other as a sexual object.

You have all the time you touch your neck during intercourse with a partner

He speaks of understatement, the desire to protect or reassure herself, to keep the offense or other undeveloped emotions.

You use your hands, as a communication tool

Sharp like a chopping motion with the hand, in general, harmless dialogue with her boyfriend - a sign of unwillingness to compromise: Either I'm right or none.

You constantly interrupt each other

It seems that everything is clear. Each is important to be heard, and cutting off any permanent partner in mid-sentence - a very alarming bell.