"Logically, art not understand" or the most insanely bizarre pictures that were sold for millions

Art knows no boundaries, especially when it comes to pictures. Some artists create magnificent paintings, which, unfortunately, are only recognized after their death, and some still remain lost in time. Pictures - is a kind of mirror in the mind, feelings and outlook of the artist.

But not all the paintings can be understood from the first, and sometimes even if you look at the picture a hundred times, still before his eyes will be one kalyaki-Malaki. Some see this as art, while others simply twist a finger at his temple. But despite this, these "masterpieces" are sold for a fabulous price.

The famous Italian painter Lucio Fontana and his "Spatial Concept. Waiting for "

Because of this it's cut through the lines in the picture, Fontana and became known worldwide. This work of art has been sold for half a million dollars at an auction. The canvas is made in spatialism style. This trend in art brings together painting and sculpture, thus supposedly combining space, time, sound, movement and color. Some see in this picture, a curtain that is about to be thrown open to the audience, and while it is closed, all in anticipation of something.

The famous Catalan sculptor, painter and graphic artist Joan Miró and his world-famous painting "Dog"

The paintings of Joan Miro specific and not everyone will like. Basically, the artist worked in the direction of abstract art, but despite this, he was also very close and surrealism. His paintings are reminiscent of children's drawings, a figure that only vaguely resemble some understandable way. Canvas Joan Miro "Dog" was sold at an auction for 2, 2 million dollars.

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter - the world-famous artist. Despite his advanced age and previous stroke, male actively continues to enjoy his work, as the famous museums and collectors. In the year of the famous artist releases published about two hundred paintings. It should be noted that Richter - one of the most expensive artists in the world, and presented above photograph of the picture is far from the most expensive copy. Abstract painting has managed one of the collectors of six million dollars, but for the most expensive artworks had to shell out as much, and as much as 46, 3 million dollars.

Cy Twombly

If you look closely at all the paintings of the famous artist of the XX century Saya Tvomblina, we can say with certainty that they are all made in the abstract style. This work of art was sold at an auction for nine million dollars.

Christopher Wool and its famous "Apocalypse Now"

Christopher Wool became known only in 2013, after his picture was sold under the name "Apocalypse Now" in twenty-six and a half million dollars. After this successful transaction price of his paintings have increased dramatically, and at the moment it is one of the highest paid artists in New York. His paintings decorate the exhibition, and also actively bought up by various collectors and admirers of the artist.

Robert Ryman and his famous painting by naming "Bridge"

This picture of the famous artist Robert Ryman at auction in 2015 just conquered all. For the painting was paid 20, 6 million dollars. Robert Reimann most artists considered to minimalists, but as the man himself says he is more "realist" in his works. He is not interested in all this pompous illusion, which is created by some of his colleagues in his paintings. Robert likes to show the real side of certain things.

Jasper Johns and his famous painting "Flag"

At the auction in 2014 for the painting of living artists Jasper Johns paid thirty-six million dollars, it is automatically transferred to the category of the highest paid artists of our time. Flags have become a central figure in the work of Jasper as soon as he returned from the army.